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Integrative Massage Principles (03:58)


The arm is very important and has a lot of strain patterns that go all the way to the neck. To free the shoulder and get the arm working well, you need to separate the humerus from the scapula and free the scapula from the ribs.

Elbows and Triceps (04:34)

The video demonstrates how to use massage techniques to release tension in the muscles and tendons around the elbow and forearm.

Carpal Tunnel Technique (01:40)

Use your fingers as a fulcrum and just come in with your elbow to open up the carpal tunnel.

Manual Workout: Triceps (02:20)

The triceps are an extremely important muscle that does not get much attention, especially up at its origin on the scapula. The best way to approach this triceps is to put a great stretch on it by bringing the arm up and increasing that stretch by flexing the elbow.

Shoulder: Internal And External Rotation (03:09)

To summarize, here are the main points: 1. To increase external rotation, use a biceps curl to pull the arm down into external rotation. 2. To increase internal rotation, use a biceps curl to pull the arm across the midline. 3. To free the back, front, and below, use precision massage to separate the muscle compartments.

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Goals and Specific Technquies, Arms—Deep Tissue Massage: An Integrated Full Body Approach

Part of the Series : Deep Tissue Massage: An Integrated Full Body Approach
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In this program, Art Riggs shows how to work on the arms while the client lies in the supine position.

Length: 16 minutes

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