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Chest, Arms and Ribs (00:00)


Start by assessing a person's posture and identifying any areas of restriction. Work on the chest area by stretching the fascia and muscles connecting to the chest. Pay attention to the individual ribs and how they move.

The Coracoid Process (03:26)

Stretch the pec minor muscle by pulling it away from the coracoid process and sliding it over the ribs. You can also help move things in the desired direction by pushing down on the scapula and holding it in place.

The Deltoid (05:05)

To release chest fascia, use fists to massage the tissue and stretch it in different directions.

Credits (00:00)


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Specific Strategies, Chest and Arms—Deep Tissue Massage: An Integrated Full Body Approach

Part of the Series : Deep Tissue Massage: An Integrated Full Body Approach
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This program demonstrates techniques to loosen the chest and arms.

Length: 15 minutes

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