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Joint Mobilization: Hip (01:59)


If you want to be successful as a massage therapist, you need to be able to mobilize joints. This demonstration will show you how to mobilize the hip joint.

Femoral Head Mobilization (01:27)

Excessive sitting can cause the hip joint to become stiff and jammed up. The ligaments get tight and the tissue becomes gluey. The massage techniques demonstrated here can mobilize the femoral head.

Hip Flexion and Extension (01:40)

The problem in different areas of hip flexion and extension may be soft tissue, ligamentous, or something else. Consider the possible causes. Finding a massage partner to practice with is recommended.

Credits (00:00)


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Joint Mobilization, The Hip—Deep Tissue Massage: An Integrated Full Body Approach

Part of the Series : Deep Tissue Massage: An Integrated Full Body Approach
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This program covers joint mobilization around the hip.

Length: 7 minutes

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