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Isolated Techniques And Strategies (04:28)


The video demonstrates how to integrate various massage techniques and strategies for the lower body into an integrated massage.

Foot Workout: Plantar Flexion (03:09)

The therapist should assess the client's range of motion and flexibility before beginning the massage. If the client is tight in one area, the therapist should focus on that area first.

Foot Eversion (02:34)

If someone has a tight Achilles tendon, you can mobilize the bones in the foot to help with dorsiflexion.

Plantar Fascia Rotation (04:52)

There are many ways to work on the bottom of the feet, but my favorite is to use my hands to push and pull on the tissue to help it move into the correct position. I also like to use my hands to stretch the tissue from the front to the back.

Arthroscopic Kneads (03:40)

Use a kneading stroke on quads. Rotate tissue this way. Slow down and sink into tissue. Use a mobilization stroke on IT band.

Proximal Hamstrings (03:18)

The best way to stretch someone's proximal hamstring is to have them pull their knee towards their chest and then rotate their leg.

Abductors And Adductors (02:05)

The abductors and adductors can be worked on effectively in a number of different positions. Each position has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Fluid Massage, Lower Body—Deep Tissue Massage: An Integrated Full Body Approach

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This program puts together the isolated techniques and strategies for the lower body to achieve the integrated full body experience.

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