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Plantar Flexion Session (03:35)


To increase dorsiflexion, work on increasing aversion. To increase plantar flexion, work on increasing dorsiflexion. To mobilize the metatarsal heads, take the toes and stretch them.

How To Move Metatarsals (06:10)

There are many ways to work on the feet, but the most important thing is to be aware of the bones and how to move them. Use your weight, knuckles, and thumbs to work on the tissues and bones in the feet.

Client-Specific Massage Techniques (02:31)

If you have a healthy knee, work on it. But if you have a knee that's a little bit challenged, be very careful. Use your common sense. If it hurts, stop. If it feels like it's going to give way, stop.

Massage for Knee Surgery Patients (02:44)

Work on the soft tissue around the knee, especially the fat pad underneath the patella, to help improve mobility and reduce pain.

Massage for Clients with Knee Injuries (03:29)

Mobilize the kneecap by lifting it up with your thumbs and rotating it counterclockwise while feeling for soft tissue restrictions. Separate the IT band from the hamstring group and vastus lateralis.

Using the Fist in Massage (03:36)

Use the fist against the side, palm up. Elbow into your hip. Take the leg and move down with your body. Do not be afraid to do repeat strokes. . Test external and internal rotation. Work on the IT band.

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This program continues leg work in the supine position and goes into more detail on working the feet, lower legs, knees, and upper legs to loosen and align the muscles to improve imbalances.

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