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Separation of the Legs from the Pelvis (05:15)


Start by separating the legs from the pelvis. Work on the hamstrings, separating them into their different parts and getting them to roll. Work on the muscles around the knee. Work on the gastroc and soleus.

Determining the Appropriate Massage Pattern (02:21)

Do not try to make the massage strokes too fancy. Knead and feel the fascia and IT band to determine the best way to move. Follow the tension and rotate the tissue to release it.

Varicose Veins And Popliteal Artery (03:08)

The popliteal area is often neglected, especially in clients who have varicose veins. I encourage you not to avoid the tension in this area. The popliteal artery strikes fear into the hearts of the bravest men when we feel a little bit of pulse in it. We want to gently teach the short, weak muscles in this area to relax.

Gastrocsoleus Fasciae (02:38)

The speaker discusses treating the muscles of the gastrocsoleus fasciae area.

Hamstring Tension (03:57)

Use your body weight to apply pressure to the hamstrings. Use your hands to move the tissue around. Use a tennis ball to massage your hamstrings, focusing on the areas that are tight. Be sure to move the ball back and forth to release the tension.

Ischial Tuberosity and the Sciatic Nerve (02:08)

To lengthen the hamstring, pull the leg out and have the person push up on your hand. Do not work too hard through the popliteal area.

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This program covers work on the hamstrings, knees, calves, and feet, focusing both on muscles and tendons using kneading and techniques for separating muscles.

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