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Video Demonstration (05:16)


Apply lotion in several steps, rather than all at once. Work unilaterally a little bit at a time. Sink in with your body weight. Feel as you're spreading the lotion around. Cross over body segments.

Shoulder Girdle (02:58)

This section talks about different techniques when working with the shoulder. They include using a variety of strokes to work on the back and the individual vertebrae.

Rheumatoid Pressure (03:34)

The therapist uses their hands to push and pull on the client's body to assess and stretch the muscles.

Strokes to the Wrist Flexors (05:14)

Do some work on the gluteals.

The Erectors (02:37)

This section discusses how to properly work with the Erectors. Best to use your fingers to slide over the erectors and push them over the bone. Do not use cross-fiber strokes.

Back: Latissimus Dorsi (02:10)

The video discusses how to improve back pain by stretching the latissimus dorsi muscle.

The Lower Rib Cage (02:43)

If you're going to be jostling people, do not jostle in the mid range. Take them to the end.

The Iliolumbar Area (02:01)

The Iliolumbar ligament attaches to the ilium and the lumbar vertebrae. Rotatores muscles are small muscles that attach to the lumbar vertebrae.

Credits (00:00)


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This program demonstrates how to put together the specificities of individual strokes showing how to put them together into a fluid massage. This includes application of lotion, selecting the correct strokes, and understanding when it is time to work a different part of the body.

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