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Introduction: Heat Pump Troubleshooting (02:49)


Jim Johnson gives an overview of what will be covered in this heat pump troubleshooting video. He directs viewers to the resource guide to point out the specific type of equipment and problem that will be discussed.

Resource Guide: Specific Equipment Information (02:53)

Viewers learn the heat pump has had regular maintenance. Symptoms observed include compressor running, outdoor fan motor running, and indoor coil frosted. Viewers also learn the sequence of operation in working equipment.

Resource Guide: Interpreting Wiring Diagram (03:19)

A wiring guide for this specific heat pump was found online with the model number. The diagram is applicable for an electromechanical thermostat and a digital thermostat. The indoor fan motor is identified as a potential variable.

Resource Guide: Sequence of Cooling Operation for Equipment (03:11)

Viewers see a focused diagram that isolates the components operating in the heat pump. Several parts have been eliminated as the problem. Color coded control wiring gives an idea of what could be happening relative to the control system.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Procedure: Overview of Unit (02:06)

The top has been removed from the package unit and the components mounted on top for visibility. The outdoor fan motor and compressor are running. The suction line is too cold. The indoor fan relay and three speed motor are discussed.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Procedure: Electrical Checks (03:42)

The frosted indoor coil is a symptom of the problem. The indoor fan motor relay is the focus of tests that will help determine the problem. Electrical checks reveal the fan motor is not working.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Procedure: Fundamentals of Motor Operations (03:19)

It has been determined that the motor is the problem. It is removed for more electrical checks. The power supply is turned off for safety. A resistance check is performed on the motor windings.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Procedure: Mechanical Failure (02:40)

The motor has been replaced after it was determined to be the source of the problem. Standard coding is the same from one motor to another. A Molex connector is used to check for resistance.

Resource Guide: Fan Motor Diagram (02:54)

Viewers are given a review of the fundamental structure of the windings of a multiple speed fan motor. A solution is shown for repair situations where the original equipment manufacturer motor is unavailable.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Procedure: Motor Replacement (05:00)

From an electrical perspective the new motor is reversible. A new belly band must be installed. Viewers learn how to take the blower wheel off the shaft using special equipment. Manufacturer instructions show the proper way to wire the run capacitor.

Credits: A Heat Pump That’s Not Delivering Any Air: Heat Pump Troubleshooting (00:28)

Credits: A Heat Pump That’s Not Delivering Any Air: Heat Pump Troubleshooting

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A Heat Pump That’s Not Delivering Any Air: Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Part of the Series : Heat Pump Troubleshooting
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A residential package-unit heat pump has no air flow. The cause? Well, there are a few possibilities and it will take some effort to find the culprit. Presented by Jim Johnson, a well-regarded instructor and an expert in HVAC/R and electrical system repair, this video serves as a guide to troubleshooting the job. It shows how to determine whether or not the indoor air handler is the source of the problem or if it’s a control component that is not allowing the blower motor to run. Trainees also learn how to replace the blower motor with an OEM component (or, with some adapting work, a general replacement motor) and to assemble the tools and test equipment needed in order to troubleshoot properly. A viewable/printable resource guide is available online and used throughout the program to demonstrate the use of wiring diagrams. By following along as Jim navigates each diagram, viewers are able to identify all relevant components of the unit and isolate the malfunctioning part. A part of the series Heat Pump Troubleshooting. (34 minutes)

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