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Citizenship Requirement (02:47)


In order to become a citizen, there is a test and interview that needs to be conducted. The administration has been trying a lot of ways to discourage more migrants from coming to the US, but many of those ways have been blocked in court.

Alma Tells her Story (01:53)

My colleague's grandfather got a green card through the bracero program, and she has kept his card and a photo of him next to her desk to remind her of the importance of her work. She also has a photo of her siblings who are undocumented. Her clients come from all over the world, and she is constantly worried about being stranded abroad if one of her cases goes wrong.

Alma Describes the Other Lawyers (01:20)

Alma continues to narrate the video, explaining who else is on her team fighting for the rights of their clients.

Alma Tells Stories of Her Clients (08:45)

Alma continues to tell stories of the various situations facing her clients in their fight to become legal citizens. Some have been fighting for over 20 years.

Challenge of Finding Help (02:59)

The client is worried about her teenage daughters being alone in the car with their father, who has been detained for a long time. The lawyer suggests reaching out to friends who work on eviction defense and homelessness issues to help the family.

Do Not Wait For Asylum (05:37)

Voluntary departure is an option for some undocumented immigrants who want to leave the U.S. quickly and avoid a court hearing.

Credits (02:51)


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Contending with the constant attack on immigration law, five Mexican-American Immigration lawyers form a support group as they strive to help their clients obtain safety and status in the United States. Through their friendship and constant communication, these lawyers provide professional and emotional support for each other as they navigate the constant attacks on their clients and profession.

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