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Necessity: Oil, Water, and Climate Resistance

Part of the Series : Necessity: Climate Resistance through Direct Action
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This film traces the fight in Minnesota against the expansion of pipelines carrying highly toxic tar sands oil through Native lands and essential waterways in North America. Frontline communities—Native peoples and communities of color—suffer the most immediate and severe consequences of the climate crisis, including impacts on physical and mental health as well as territorial desecration and displacement. This feature-length documentary follows indigenous leaders and white allies who are using direct action to protect the sacred and demand justice. Legal experts discuss the record of disparate treatment in the justice system and the legal strategy of the necessity defense, which makes a moral case for acts of civil disobedience, while medical and scientific experts address the health effects of fossil fuels and dangers of pipeline and refinery infrastructure.

Length: 60 minutes

Item#: BVL274649

Copyright date: ©2020

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