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Bear's Ears Celebration (04:19)


The Bears Ears National Monument would protect 1.9 million acres of land in Utah that is sacred to indigenous people.

Preserving Archeological Sites (02:55)

The area has long been one of the greatest concentration of archeological sites in North America, and is geographically and climatically interesting in preserving archeological evidence.

Monument Valley Archeological Looting (03:25)

Archeologists have looted federal lands for artifacts for many years, and local residents have followed their lead. The FBI conducted raids of local residents in order to confiscate their collections.

Ancestors' Burial Site (03:38)

The people in the area are angry with BLM law enforcement because they led the raids on the ancestral gravesites. They feel that BLM law enforcement does not respect their culture or heritage.

HR 5780 Hearing (04:47)

The bill's author is disrespectful to tribal representatives, and the bill does not reflect a true compromise. Neither side seemed to like the proposed bill.

Treatment of Native Voices (03:09)

The representatives from Utah did not know where the headquarters of the Yuma tribe is, and they were not respectful to the tribe.

Monitcello's Private Land Initiative (03:28)

The people of Monticello, UT don't think that the federal government should be looking over their shoulder every time they try to do something on public land. They are worried that they will become trespassers in their own area.

The Coalition Of Five Tribes (01:57)

Secretary Zinke met with Utah's top Native American leaders and promised to listen to their voices. He only met with the Coalition of Five Tribes for one hour and did not invite them to speak and hear them out.

The Utah Navajo Opposition (02:19)

The pro-monument Navajo faction is very small and doesn't represent the majority of Utah Navajo residents, who are overwhelmingly opposed to the monument.

The Territorial Range Of Indian Tribes (04:48)

The history and politics of San Juan county, Utah are complicated. There is a lot of racism and fear of change. The majority of Native Americans in the county support Bears Ears National Monument, but a small group is opposing it.

Reversing Federal Overreach (03:48)

The president should reverse federal overreach and restore the rights of this land to your citizens. This is a difficult thing for the president to do because he's not doing it to be political.

Bear's Ears Conservation Loopholes (03:05)

The Bears Ears monument designation could have a negative impact on the local economy, as it could scare away potential investors in the uranium mining industry. The Bears Ears monument designation could also have a negative impact on the local community, as it could scare away potential investors in the nuclear power industry.

The White Mesa Uranium Mill (04:27)

The water near the White Mesa uranium mill is becoming increasingly acidic, and there is a history of uranium milling contamination in the area. The community is concerned about what could come next, including increased radioactivity.

Bears Ears is Awakened (05:11)

Bears Ears is important to the Navajo Nation because it is a place of healing and refuge. The community in Blanding does not want change and does not understand the importance of Bears Ears to the Navajo Nation. There is no middle ground in the debate over Bears Ears.

Beliefs And Values of the Native People (03:18)

Native people want to be heard and have their views and beliefs respected. One of the biggest problems facing native communities is that people do not understand them.

Credits (04:11)


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President Obama declared Bears Ears a national monument in December 2016. One year later, President Trump reduced the monument by 85 percent. While the political debate continues, this documentary seeks to transcend the rhetoric, following the inhabitants of San Juan County, and revealing the mutual ideals between opposing ideologies: love and awe of a beloved land.

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