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The Roots of Nursing (04:19)


Nursing's roots originate from the beginning of humankind. The word nurse derives from the Latin word Nutricia, a person who nourishes. In many countries, religion and spirituality were of great importance in nursing care. Egyptians kept the first medical records, while St. Basil of Caesarea created the first hospital.

Women in Nursing Practices (02:42)

Nurses have responded to the needs of patients in times of war and peace, and have worked to improve the quality of health care for all. They served as nuns and then were dismissed. Various religions and countries engaged in healthcare for the sick through their own techniques.

Florence Nightingale's Introduction to Nursing (03:02)

Florence Nightingale established the scientific grounds of nursing after a religious call to service. Her service led to her theories on nursing. Her book stated the factors which defined nursing, and was later adopted by many health care providers.

The Adoption of Florence Nightingale's System (03:24)

Florence Nightingale's nursing theory became extremely widespread across the world. Her nursing system was adopted into many programs, practices, and schools. Her principles also introduced the comfort of religion into nursing care.

Womens Impact on Nursing (01:40)

Other female heroes in nursing established inspiring initiatives. One became the first statue of a woman in Britain, another the first African American nurse, and another the first registered nurse in the world.

Nurses Serving In Wars (05:37)

Nurses have always been on the front lines of care, providing essential services in times of war and peace. They became targets for enemy captures. Many nursing corps came about to better nursing services.

Nursing Into Institutional Education (02:44)

As nursing was the backbone of healthcare, it became recognized and populated as a professional career requiring high educational standards. Many countries developed the nursing program into institutions. Virginia Henderson released her Patient Need Theory based on nursing care and its human needs.

Nurses Impact Through Covid 19 Pandemic (02:27)

Today, nurses play a vital role in healthcare, and their skills and dedication are more important than ever. The appreciation of nurses has spiked throughout the Covid pandemic. The virus has created alarming impacts on nurses' lives.

Nurses Legacy On The Future Of Nursing (02:10)

Mother Teresa and Margaret Sanger both were completely dedicated to their nursing practices. Mother Teresa opened orphanages and leprosy clinics. Margaret Sanger was a social activist who opened the first birth control clinic in 1917. She established her legacy in the International Planned Parenthood Organization.

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This program looks at the origins of nursing in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Americas from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and modernity up to present time. It discusses how the role of nursing expanded from being a midwife or physician’s assistant into a full-fledged credentialed profession as superstition was replaced with scientific medicine and considers the role of nurses in major wars. The program details the contributions of such major nursing figures as Rufaidah bint Sa’ad, Florence Nightingale, Sister Dora, Mary Eliza Mahoney, Virginia Henderson, Dorthea Dix, Clara Barton, Mother Teresa, and Margaret Sanger. It also takes a look at how the recent Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated changes in global nursing practice.

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