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Russian Revolution: Introduction (02:13)


This program challenges many of the popular myths about the Russian Revolution.

Russian October Revolution (04:41)

The October Revolution was not the epic event that it has been made out to be. It was fueled by growing hatred of the Romanov Dynasty and was driven by events such as the First World War and the rumors about Rasputin.

Challenges of the Tsarina (02:48)

The tsarina did not want anyone to know that Alexis was ill. The public could not be told, and they could not explain why Rasputin would keep coming to the palace. There were cartoons everywhere, showing her misbehaving with Rasputin. Everyone seemed to think it was happening.

Women's Strike Turns into Revolution (01:37)

In 1917, women in Russia went on strike to demand better working conditions and political rights. The protests escalated into a revolution, and the women were instrumental in convincing the soldiers not to fire on the protesters.

Women's Role in the Revolution (03:15)

The February Revolution was a series of protests and strikes by Russian civilians that led to the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II and the rise of the Bolsheviks.

British Asylum Revoked (03:33)

The tsar and his family were offered asylum in Britain, but the British government withdrew the offer after pressure from the public.

Lenin Returns from Exile (02:14)

Lenin was living in exile in Germany, on the run from the tsar's secret police. It was felt that if he returned to Russia, he might help avert a war. A 'sealed train' was arranged for Lenin, his family and a small number of supporters. Lenin's "sealed train" was not as sealed as planned, and he and his fellow revolutionaries were able to pop on and off as they pleased.

Lenin Arrives in Russia (02:38)

Lenin arrived in Russia in April 1917 and immediately started to criticize the Bolsheviks for working with the provisional government. He and the other leaders agreed that they must replace Kerensky's government, and they renamed themselves the people's commissars.

October 1917 Film Trivializes February Revolution (03:55)

The October Revolution was a coup by the Bolsheviks that overthrew the Provisional Government, trivializing the February Revolution.

October Revolution Touted as Real One (04:07)

The February Revolution was not the Bolsheviks' revolution - it was a bourgeois revolution. The October Revolution was the real revolution, and it established the Bolsheviks' rule. The civil war that followed was brutal, with both sides committing atrocities.

Lenin More Brutal than Tsar (01:59)

Lenin's secret police, the checker, executed tens of thousands more Russians than the tsar's secret police had ever done. They would denounce members of the opposition as enemies of the people. Enemy of the people number one was the tsar. He'd now be moved to the city of Yekaterinburg with his family.

Execution of the Romanov Family (04:31)

Lenin was likely involved in the decision to execute the Romanovs, as he was a control freak and the telegram sent to him suggests that the execution was going ahead regardless of his opinion.

Lenin Threatens Former Colleagues (04:39)

Lenin's last testament threatened to undermine Stalin's power, so Stalin hid it away and began spreading the word that Lenin had chosen him as his successor.

Western Radicals Believe Stalin's Lie (07:24)

Stalin was paranoid and had many people killed because he was afraid they would overthrow him. He also lied to the rest of the world about how well the Soviet Union was doing.

Rewriting the Story of the Revolution (03:59)

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the story of the Russian Revolution has been rewritten to portray the tsar and the tsarist dynasties in a more positive light. This is largely due to Putin co opting the legacy of the Romanovs and the power of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Credits (00:25)


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