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Nursing Transitions: New Graduate to Professional (2021 edition)

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The transition from nursing student to nurse is difficult. Nursing students enter colleges or universities with the hope that they will graduate and have a wonderful orientation with a preceptor who has excellent clinical skills, is kind, compassionate, empathetic, and respectful and imparts those qualities onto them. Unfortunately, this seldom happens. Thirty to 35% of nursing graduates leave in the first year and up to 57% leave in the second year. This is a tremendous loss of time and money for both new nurses and facilities. This program provides an overview of the challenges faced by the novice nurse in integrating into the nursing staff. It describes strategies the new nurse can take to ease the transition from student to professional and initiatives facilities can institute to facilitate this transition. The program highlights the value of nursing internships and residencies in providing critical hands-on experience for new nurses, as well as the value of preceptorships as an experience that can help new nurses successfully master the skills and pressures of day-to-day nursing. It identifies the five phases that new nursing professionals go through during the first year on the job and offers specific tips for enhancing the experience during the transition from new to experienced nursing professional.

Length: 23 minutes

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