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Introduction: Blood Collection: Anatomy and Physiology (2021 edition) (01:20)


This film series is designed to provide healthcare professionals with information relating to phlebotomy. This program explores anatomic and physiologic considerations and common blood tests, part two explores procedure performance, and part three explores special considerations.

The Circulatory System (02:06)

The heart, arteries, arterioles, capillaries, veins, and venules comprise the circulatory system. Veins are the most commonly used avenue for phlebotomy.

Sites for Venipuncture (01:34)

The median cubital is the vein of choice for venipuncture. Consider sites for drawing blood on the arm and associated veins. If ideal veins are inaccessible, veins in the lower arm or dorsum of the hand may be used; avoid the use of veins in the feet and ankles of adults.

Blood (07:09)

Blood comprises about 8% of a person's body weight. Learn about various features and functions of blood, formed elements (red and white blood cells), plasma, and blood types.

Most Common Blood Types (07:19)

Blood tests are a routine part of physical assessments. This segment covers aspects of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets identified in a complete blood count evaluation and cites various other blood tests.

Credits: Blood Collection: Anatomy and Physiology (2021 edition) (00:59)

Credits: Blood Collection: Anatomy and Physiology (2021 edition)

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Blood Collection: Anatomy and Physiology (2021 edition)

Part of the Series : Blood Collection
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This program reviews anatomic and physiologic considerations related to phlebotomy. It discusses the five types of blood vessels, three preferred venipuncture sites, three elements found in the blood, the four blood types, and seven common blood tests.

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