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Manual Handling (02:40)


Manual handling accounts for 40% of workplace injuries in the United Kingdom. It includes acts like pushing and lifting, and repetitive acts like typing and packing. Not all manual handling tasks as hazardous and most workers are at risk.

Manual Handling Injuries (01:31)

Injuries include sprains, strains, back injuries, soft-tissue injuries, hernias, and chronic pain. Back injuries are the most common; few are the result of a single incident.

Physiology of the Spine (03:18)

The spine consists of vertebrae with two-layer discs in between. The fibers of the discs can tear, causing a weak spot, which leads to back pain. Bending forward increases pressure on the discs; lifting increases it more.

The Risk Assessment (02:18)

Minimizing bending and lifting can help one avoid spinal injuries. Learn six risk factors to consider when conducting a manual handling risk assessment.

Controlling the Risks (01:21)

Eliminating risk is the best way to prevent spinal injuries. Design or engineering changes could reduce risk.

Rules of Lifting (01:21)

Simple rules can help reduce injury when lifting something from floor level. Have a plan and assess whether the situation is dangerous.

In Conclusion (01:37)

The health of the musculoskeletal system directly relates to manual handling habits. Think about each task before doing it and do not ignore early signs of pain.

Credits: Manual Handling Injury Prevention (00:13)

Credits: Manual Handling Injury Prevention

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Manual Handling Injury Prevention

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This training program not only focuses on the physiology of the musculoskeletal system and shows in detail how and why we can do damage to our spines but also goes through a step-by-step process of how to prevent manual handling injuries in the workplace. In this training program, workers will learn: • The physiology of the spine • What are the most prevalent manual handling injuries • How to prevent those injuries • How to conduct a manual handling risk assessment and all about Controlling the risks

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