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Introduction: Cognitive Therapy (05:15)


Dr. Aaron Beck discusses the principles of this therapeutic approach and therapist/client relationships. Depression, anxiety, and paranoia involve a thinking disorder that consists of selective abstraction, jumping to conclusions, overgeneralization, and all or nothing thinking.

CT Session (04:09)

Richard describes his psychological and physical reactions about attending the session. Beck asks questions to help Richard change his thinking about his role in the interview.

Depression (08:28)

Richard is depressed and anxious after a recent divorce. He describes his feelings, how he views himself, and his past. Richard reflects on the impact of his negative attitude and loneliness. He starts to feel better.

Thinking Modification (05:59)

Richard considers what to do when he is feeling lonely and depressed and recognizing his beliefs are sometimes wrong. Beck leads him through a role-playing exercise.

Relationships Equate Happiness? (07:59)

Richard describes what it means to have a woman in his life. He discusses his feelings after his divorce, while he was married, and when he was single. Richard realizes he does not need a woman to be a whole person.

Anger and Loss (04:14)

Richard remains angry with his ex-wife. He discusses the basis of his anger, why the divorce occurred, and thoughts of suicide. Beck helps him modify his thinking.

Rebuttal Statements (02:23)

Richard doubts his ability to combat all of his negative thinking when he feels depressed. Beck suggests making a list. Richard reflects on the interview and his current feelings.

Session Summary (06:38)

Beck uses the cognitive model of depression as a means of understanding a patient's problems. He reflects on the session with Richard and helping him to modify his thinking.

Credits: Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard: Dr. Aaron T. Beck — Cognitive Therapy (00:16)

Credits: Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard: Dr. Aaron T. Beck — Cognitive Therapy

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Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard: Dr. Aaron T. Beck — Cognitive Therapy

Part of the Series : Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard
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Dr. Aaron Beck has been called the father of cognitive therapy and is particularly noted for his work on depression and anxiety. He works with the negative thoughts that lead to bad feelings and clinical symptoms. In this program, Beck teaches "Richard" how to identify his negative thoughts and counteract them to ease his anxiety, anger, and depression.

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