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Introduction: Dr. Hans Strupp — Psychodynamic Therapy (02:14)


Review doctors who participated in previous psychotherapy sessions. Dr. Everett Shostrom introduces the doctors in this series and discusses therapy challenges.

Interpersonal Model (05:05)

Dr. Hans Strupp discusses developing this approach to psychotherapy; interpersonal experiences have made the patient sick. Psychotherapy is a form of education that occurs in two significant ways. Therapists are participants and observers.

Divorce (07:47)

Richard struggles with the loss of his family and home. He discusses relationship aspects, earlier counseling, and separation. Richard's relationship with his ex-wife was initially harmonious.

Relationship Issues (05:27)

Richard believes his ex-wife felt he did not measure up to her expectations, making him feel inadequate. He reflects on a social event, their increasing estrangement, and communication struggles; his ex-wife suggested counseling.

Relationship Contributions (08:03)

Richard's ex-wife often complained he was not attentive. Richard reflects on what he did to contribute to negative feelings and his reaction to criticism; prior relationships were superficial.

Life Disappointments (06:26)

Richard is depressed and asks, "How do I get started again?" He reflects on what led to several job changes in the last year and his behavior. Strupp encourages Richard to continue therapy.

Childhood Influences (01:56)

Richard attributes the lack of parental affection to his current major difficulties. His parents were alcoholics and he spent much of his time alone.

Session Summary (07:13)

Richard is an angry, depressed, and hostile man. Strupp cannot clearly identify Richard's recurring maladaptive patterns but notes that he is incapable of intimate relationships. Strupp reflects on future therapy and his reactions to this session.

Credits: Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard: Dr. Hans Strupp — Psychodynamic Therapy (00:15)

Credits: Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard: Dr. Hans Strupp — Psychodynamic Therapy

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Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard: Dr. Hans Strupp — Psychodynamic Therapy

Part of the Series : Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 3 — Richard
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Dr. Hans Strupp's therapeutic approach is based on an interpersonal model. He believes the therapist's role is to identify cyclical maladaptive patterns in the client's life and to help the client explore the ramifications of these patterns in current life experiences and to work on new relationship patterns that can mitigate the earlier issues. In this program, Strupp works with "Richard" to draw out the scenarios and identify his maladaptive patterns.

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