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Actualizing Therapy (01:59)


This therapy emerges and expands Gestalt techniques into a personal system of psychotherapy and operates at three levels, bringing emotional polarities together.

Loneliness and Anger (10:53)

Kathy feels a sense of separateness. She and her husband separated four years ago, and he recently died. Kathy reflects on relationships and barriers. Dr. Everett Shostrom leads her in an exercise where she expresses anger. Kathy reflects on being a nice girl.

Refusal to Feel (08:48)

Kathy wants to get past this point without really experiencing it; she does not want to be vulnerable. Kathy compares herself to a flower metaphor; she takes few risks.

Releasing Hurt and Anger (13:42)

Shostrom leads Kathy in a physical exercise to see if they can have a relationship. Kathy's body shakes and she goes through several movements to identify feelings and let go of control. She reflects on feeling angry and standing up for herself.

Establishing Trust (07:48)

Kathy reflects on being passive in relationships and moving forward. Shostrom leads her in a reaching exercise. Kathy considers her feelings and learning to risk.

Session Summary (01:41)

Shostrom reflects on working with Kathy, leading her through exercises, and establishing a relationship.

Credits: Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 2 — Kathy: Everett Shostrom PhD — Actualizing Therapy (00:13)

Credits: Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 2 — Kathy: Everett Shostrom PhD — Actualizing Therapy

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Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 2 — Kathy: Everett Shostrum PhD — Actualizing Therapy

Part of the Series : Three Approaches to Psychotherapy 2 — Kathy
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In this program, Dr. Everett Shostrum discusses actualizing therapy and works with "Kathy" on her feelings and her bioenergetic technique. Kathy expresses that she feels challenged by Shostrum and experiences the session as a working session.

Length: 46 minutes

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