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Mood Food (03:43)


Many people want food that relieves anxiety and stress as well as creates a feeling of calm and relaxation. We go behind the scenes to learn what science is doing to create such foods. Psychometric tests can show varying stress levels.

Healthy Berries (03:12)

We meet a scientist who researches wellness benefits from fruit and vegetable phytochemicals. The film host undergoes tests to measure free radical accumulation and the effects of black current extract. Can healthy berries help asthma sufferers? Scientists are developing a mood-food beverage.

Dairy Science and Technology (03:30)

Milk consists of thousands of different components that "can do rather remarkable things." We learn about a milk-derived compound that counteracts the negative effects of chemotherapy. We visit a manufacturing facility that isolates specific bio-active compounds from milk.

Nutrient Delivery System (02:45)

Chemotherapy patients often lose their appetites, so scientist must find a way to deliver a stress-relieving milk-derived protein to these patients. Ice cream is now being tested as a delivery system for the protein therapy.

Future of Food (03:48)

Nutrigenomics is a science that matches people with the most appropriate nutrition that is based on individual genetic make-up. The film host's genetic make-up is determined.

Techno-Foods (04:36)

Most of the world's food is highly processed, says Professor Archer at Massey University. He tells us about revolutions in food design. Food is constructed first in the computer and then made to meet specific individual needs. What will this food look like? What will it taste like?

Credits: What Is Science Doing for the Future of Food? Ever Wondered? (Series 1) (00:29)

Credits: What Is Science Doing for the Future of Food? Ever Wondered? (Series 1)

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What Is Science Doing for the Future of Food? Ever Wondered? (Series 1)

Part of the Series : Ever Wondered? The Cutting Edge of Science and Technology (Series 1)
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In this episode, host John Watt takes viewers out of the cafés and kitchens and into the laboratory to discover how science is not only changing but also shaping the foods of the future. He travels up and down New Zealand meeting scientists involved at the sharp end of food research and development. On the menu: a scientist developing an antianxiety mood-food beverage, an iconic ice cream company producing an extra-special flavor, a bunch of overachieving black currants, and a machine that prints techno-food to your exact personal tastes and nutritional requirements. A part of Ever Wondered? (Series 1). (22 minutes)

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