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Motivation (05:17)


Learn about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and the role of each in athletic excellence. Each athlete develops a form of motivation that suits his or her personality.

Anxiety (04:47)

Anxiety, or fear of failure, can block the flow of information between the mind and body. Sport science helps athletes see the signs of their anxiety and what they might do about it. Coaches play important roles in helping athletes deal with anxiety. There are two kinds of anxiety: somatic and cognitive.

Managing Stress (05:24)

Some athletes use stress as a motivator to stay on their toes. Athletes might experience physical, mental, emotional, and social stresses. Athletes share their feelings about the stresses and pressures in their lives.

Arousal (04:54)

Optimal arousal is the point between under arousal and over arousal. How does an athlete know where this point of optimal arousal is? Choking occurs when an athlete becomes overawed by a situation. Instead of optimal arousal being a single point, psychologists describe it as a zone of optimal functioning.

Credits: Sports Psychology: Motivation, Anxiety, and Focus (00:50)

Credits: Sports Psychology: Motivation, Anxiety, and Focus

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Sports Psychology: Motivation, Anxiety, and Focus

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Understanding the sports psychology concepts of motivation, anxiety, focus, and arousal is essential for achieving high levels of performance in sport. This video examines the effects of repetitive training on motivation and the internal and external factors that can affect it. Sports psychologists and coaches discuss the effects of anxiety and the pressures, both intrinsic and extrinsic, that athletes often feel. Athletes and their coaches also discuss physical and social stress, how to manage it, and how to turn it to the athlete’s advantage. This is a helpful visual learning tool for athletes and coaches who are searching for the “zone of optimal functioning” (the phrase from which “in the zone” is derived) and who want to improve performance through an understanding of positive and negative motivators. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (22 minutes)

Length: 22 minutes

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