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Introduction: Managing Classroom Bullying Behaviors (01:10)


Bullying in the classroom is not always obvious, but is insidious. This program is about managing bullying in the classroom.

What is Bullying (04:25)

Bullying involves not just unwanted behavior, but a power imbalance. Bullying is sometimes hidden in everyday school culture of sarcastic, throw-away lines. Bullying can cause long-term problems for bully and target.

The Put-Down (03:20)

Our culture normalizes put-downs. Many put-downs are non-verbal. Many focus attention on an area of insecurity.

Managing Put-Downs (04:37)

Create clear rules and definitions on classroom put-downs. Use non-verbal responses to silence the perpetrator and follow up privately to avoid drawing attention to the victim. Strong relationships with students help.

Teacher Behavior as a Model (05:16)

When a teacher uses sarcasm, it sets an example for the rest of the class. Teachers should avoid judging students as "justifiably" bullied.

Educational Consequences of Bullying (01:08)

Bullying lessens students' willingness to take risks and reduces learning.

Available Responses to Bullying (03:37)

Punishment is appropriate in extreme bullying cases, but can be difficult in ambiguous cases and can lead to retaliation. Another approach is to work to create empathy in bullies.

Summary: Managing Classroom Bullying (00:51)

Classroom bullying includes subtle put-downs. Teachers need to quickly stop bullying, and avoid modeling bullying behavior.

Credits: Not in My Class: Managing Classroom Bullying Behaviors (00:28)

Credits: Not in My Class: Managing Classroom Bullying Behaviors

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Not in My Class: Managing Classroom Bullying Behaviors

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While not as obvious as playground bullying, bullying in the classroom is a reality that can inflict just as much harm. It can take the form of put-downs, hurtful e-mails, and “joking” insults, with perpetrators sometimes unaware of the damage they inflict. This program discusses classroom bullying behaviors, and offers thought-provoking management solutions for teachers who need to address this type of behavior. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (25 minutes)

Length: 26 minutes

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