Segments in this Video

Meet Bobby and Olive (03:14)


Olive flirts with a car salesman on a test drive, then promptly steals the car, speeding away with her young son. (Opening credits)

Reunion (03:13)

Olive brings hot car to Walt, who offers her less than she expected. We learn they haven't seen one another in 10 years--and this isn't Olive's first car theft. Walt is annoyed with Olive's over-the-top adoration of everything Bobby does. Olive and Bobby arrive a ttheir new home; we see affection between mother and son.

Bobby's New School (03:34)

Bobby's teacher announces that he has an "F" on a paper in front of the class. He sasses and is sent to the principal's office. The teacher talks to his mother about her concern when she picks him up in the freshly painted stolen car.

"It's About Your Son" (04:10)

Olive and Bobby speed away from the site of her latest scam only to find the neighbor waiting on their porch to complain about Bobby's bad behavior. The man goes on a religious rant, quoting scripture; Olive counters, quoting the Book of Psalms. He invites her to search.

Olive's Date (02:26)

Walt arrives by motorcycle to pick up Olive. He and Bobby express their dislike for one another. While they are gone in Olive's stolen car, Bobby requests that a towing company come for Walt's motorcycle--claiming it is illegally parked.

The Fundraiser (05:46)

Olive (now Marie Elise) flirts at the party. The towing company comes for Walt's motorcycle, to Bobby's delight. Olive solicits funds to take "the baby Jesus" statue she has made to Africa. When he finds his motorcycle gone, Walt blames Bobby. We learn that Olive and Walt have a past.

The Accident (04:50)

Bobby is hit by a car while skateboarding in front of the house. The driver, Kent, accompanies Olive to the hospital. He apologizes and leaves her his card. Bobby and Olive share a tender moment.

Insurance Fraud (01:52)

A chauffeur picks Bobby and his mom up from the hospital. Olive speaks to an insurance company on the phone; we learn she is claiming that Bobby, who only suffered a broken bone, has massive head injuries.

Olive's Next Mark? (06:11)

Olive appears at Kent's office to thank him for the many gifts he has given Bobby. Kent welcomes her. Olive seems to be sizing Kent up. He is married, but apparently his son has died. Kent's wife arrives; she is obviously very sad. Back at home, the religious neighbor snatches his son away from the boys' video game, calling Bobby and Walt "evil-doers."

Olive Arrested (05:37)

Insurance investigators arrive to investigate Olive's claim that Bobby has been brain damaged in the accident. Olive and Walt argue; Walt leaves. The police arrive and the neighbor helps them locate Olive and Bobby at the bowling alley. When Olive is arrested, we see the pain of both mother and child.

Olive's Tough Choice (04:21)

Kent and Mary visit Olive in jail. They offer to legally adopt Bobby as the only means of getting the child out of the juvenile foster system. Olive considers the options before acquiescing.

Bobby Adopted (02:15)

In a scene with no dialogue, we see the adoption proceedings. Bobby and Olive are bereft. (Cat Stevens' "Trouble" played in its entirety)

Eight Months Later (05:50)

Walt picks Olive up outside the prison and takes her to Kent's house, where Bobby is playing in the yard with Kent and Mary. The couple watches the poignant reunion with an obvious sadness. An awkward goodbye follows, with Olive clearly overly optimistic about what will happen next.

Walt's House (03:10)

Walt lives in a caboose with his girlfriend. The three crowd in for the night and in the morning, Olive goes to her job as a maid. (Sexually explicit content)

Bobby's Home Visit (05:48)

Olive arrives to pick up Bobby and finds Mary giving him dance lessons. The women share a tender moment while Bobby is out of the room. Olive promises to have Bobby back by 6:00. A friend from Bobby's old school visits, and we see the contrast between his past and current circumstances.

Olive's Conflict (03:17)

Olive watches as Ken and Bobby play ball. We see her tempted to go back to her life of crime. Back at Walt's caboose, Olive learns Walt is selling drugs. She quickly packs and leaves. We see her leave one demeaning job for another.

Olive Moves In (04:42)

Teasing about his mother gets Bobby in a fight and suspended from school. Mary learns Olive lives in a homeless shelter and proposes that they let Olive live in the guest house. Ken is reluctant, saying it will add to Bobby's confusion, but he agrees.

One Big Score (04:10)

To her shock and dismay, Bobby brings his mother clothing he stole from Mary's closet. Walt shows up and proposes a con. When Olive angrily refuses and tells him to leave, Walt makes her doubt that she can ever provide a future for Bobby.

Trouble Finds Bobby and Olive (04:48)

Bobby's prank brings the police who believe a gunman is at his school. Mary catches Olive in her closet. Bobby is caught trying to run from the school.

At the Police Station (04:22)

All three adults learn the seriousness of Bobby's crime. The police officer talks to Olive privately about how her past affects Bobby's future. Olive listens carefully.

Preparing to Become a Master Jedi Warrior (05:01)

Kent and Mary argue about throwing Olive out. Kent warns they cannot have Bobby without Olive. Olive overhears. Olive gives Bobby a fairy tale version of his life to tell him she is leaving.

Olive Steps onto the Right Path (02:14)

Walt is waiting for Olive to break into Kent's office for the big scam, when the police officer she has tipped off arrives.

Credits: Bringing Up Bobby (03:57)

Credits: Bringing Up Bobby

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Bringing Up Bobby

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In an effort to escape her murky past and build a better future, Olive (Milla Jovovich), a European con-artist, and her 10-year-old American-born son, Bobby (Spencer List), find themselves living in Oklahoma in this charming comedy. Olive seeks to give Bobby the things she never had: she enrolls him in school, makes him do homework, and tries her hardest to be a good mother. With the help of old friend Walt (Rory Cochrane), Olive provides for Bobby in the only way she knows how. But despite her efforts—or perhaps because of them—Bobby displays troubling behavior both at school and in their conservative neighborhood. Things take a turn for the worse after Bobby’s “run-in” with a wealthy businessman (Bill Pullman), and Olive’s criminal past finally catches up with her, forcing her to make some tough choices. Rated PG-13. (95 minutes)

Length: 96 minutes

Item#: BVL52191

Copyright date: ©2011

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Reviews & Awards

“Sensitively acted, carefully written, and directed with heartfelt compassion, Bringing Up Bobby is an is an engrossing little independent film. Ms. Jovovich....keeps you riveted... She’s irresistible.”  —Rex Reed, The New York Observer


“A tender and poignant story, intelligently written and directed, of an unbreakable love. This is the best performance of Milla Jovovich’s career.”  —Jeffrey Lyons, The Lyons Den Radio Show


“A sort of cheeky, modern-day Paper Moon filled with humor and charm.”  The Huffington Post


“A rare and beautiful film made all the more powerful by a superb cast and flawless writing.”  Film Threat


“Starts off as a breezy comedy that is buoyed up by the considerable charms of Jovovich. They key reason to see it is the lead performance by Jovovich, an underrated actress who gets a chance here to display her comedic and dramatic talents while showing that she is indeed capable of doing much more onscreen that looking fabulous while kicking zombie ass. It is a must for Milla fanatics.”  —


“An exquisitely acted independent film.”  Santa Cruz Sentinel

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