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What Is Bronchitis? (01:22)


One of the infections that cause coughing is bronchitis. A lung infection lasting more than 3 months is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We learn the symptoms of COPD.

Bronchitis: Treatment and Prevention (01:08)

Dr. Alan Greene explains treatment options for bronchitis. We learn what signs and symptoms would require contact with a physician, and tips for protecting ourselves from bronchitis.

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Bronchitis is a condition in which the bronchial tubes become inflamed. These tubes carry air to your lungs. People who have bronchitis often have a cough that brings up mucus. Bronchitis also may cause wheezing (a whistling or squeaky sound when you breathe), chest pain or discomfort, a low fever, and shortness of breath.

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