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Safe Driving in Bad Weather (01:19)


Concentration and extra attention to conditions outside the vehicle could keep a driver safe. Staying alert, vigilant, and calm can cut down on accidents during poor weather. Different driving conditions require different safe-driving techniques.

Vehicle Preparation (03:42)

Drivers are instructed in essential vehicle maintenance and servicing in preparation for safe driving. We learn about replacing wiper blades and keeping windows clean. Tire checks are essential for safe driving. The contents of an essential survival kit and survival gear are included.

Driving in Rainy Weather (03:28)

Viewers learn about road conditions during rainy weather and how to safely navigate in wet conditions. We learn about hydroplaning and how to prevent it.

Driving in Thunderstorms & Wind (02:57)

Drivers learn the rules of the road during wet weather. Listen to media announcements about weather conditions. Know when to stay in the car during storms. Windy conditions pose special problems for drivers. Tips for driving in tornado conditions are included.

Driving in Flooding Conditions (02:21)

Drivers learn about the dangers of driving during flooding and how to navigate a vehicle during such conditions.

Driving in Foggy Conditions (01:49)

Most people do not treat fog as an extreme weather condition, yet it poses dangers equal to the most dangerous driving conditions. Drivers learn safety tips for safe navigation during foggy weather.

Driving in Snow & Ice (07:01)

Drivers should practice safe driving techniques for driving in snow and icy road conditions before starting out. This is especially true for inexperienced drivers. Learn safe driving techniques and vehicle preparation Black ice poses special dangers, as do other drivers. Learn how to deal with a skidding vehicle and what to do if stuck in mud or snow.

ALIVE: Safe Driving Tips (01:19)

Learn about ALIVE, an acronym that stands for a list of safe driving instructions.

Credits: Bad Weather, Safe Driving: Lifesaving Tips (00:30)

Credits: Bad Weather, Safe Driving: Lifesaving Tips

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Bad Weather, Safe Driving: Lifesaving Tips

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The best advice for driving in heavy rain or snow is not to! But, if you have to hit the road in bad weather, there are steps you can take to greatly improve your chances of staying safe. This program offers a wealth of tips for driving in rainstorms, high winds, and fog, or when snow, ice, or flooding make for hazardous road conditions. With the help of a driving instructor, a police officer, a mechanic, a meteorologist, and even water-rescue personnel, the video also advises on how to prepare a vehicle for trips in bad weather—even if your vehicle has four-wheel drive. Students learn what to do if vapor forms inside the windshield, how to handle hydroplaning, the dangers of black ice, and when to just pull over and wait it out. A Meridian/MotionMasters Coproduction. (25 minutes)

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