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Achieve Goals With Rapport (03:07)


Psychologist Peter Quarry explains "rapport," why it is necessary and important.

1. Use Basic Greeting (01:32)

Psychologist Peter Quarry discusses "rapport killers" and the importance of making an initial personal connection.

2. Use Positive Body Language (02:10)

"False rapport" is when your verbal communication and your body language don't match. When talking on the phone use "verbal encourager's" to show interest and smile.

3. Get Them Talking (01:23)

Psychologist Peter Quarry explains his "SQ" technique. A statement followed by a question is a good way to get a person talking.

4. Generate Trust (01:56)

Psychologist Peter Quarry says showing empathy and understanding can develop trust with a person who may be suspicious of your motives. "Self disclose" to gain trust. Always keep any promise you make.

5. Be Helpful (00:55)

Psychologist Peter Quarry describes ways to show people that you truly care such as anticipating and taking care of a need.

6. Be Flexible in How You Communicate (02:43)

Psychologist Peter Quarry explains how you communicate depends on if your customer is a "people" or "task" type person. He describes using the theory of "NLP" (neuro-linguistic programming) to build rapport.

Challenging Rapport Situations (03:00)

Psychologist Peter Quarry describes building rapport when: you don't like the person, you've made a mistake, you're in a rush, dealing with an emotional customer and finally how to sustain rapport. 6 ways to build rapport are listed.

Credits: 6 Ways to Build Rapport (00:15)

Credits: 6 Ways to Build Rapport

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This program will help people build and sustain rapport in the workplace. It focuses on a few broad topics including what rapport is and why it's necessary, rapport dos and don’ts, using positive body language, getting them talking, generating trust, being helpful, being flexible in how you communicate, and challenging rapport situations. (17 minutes)

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