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Are You Happy? (01:48)


Happiness can improve quality and quantity of life. The Satisfaction with Life Scale is an objective way to determine happiness.

Changing Happiness Levels (05:01)

Happiness cannot be drastically changed. Most experts agree that individual happiness is related to genetics. People with sufficient resources may feel dissatisfied because they compare themselves with others who have more.

Being Grateful (02:21)

One way to increase happiness is to keep a gratitude journal. Regularly write down several things for which you are grateful. Researchers have found this increases overall satisfaction with life.

Attention Change (03:26)

Happiness can be increased by changing focus. Paying attention to positive things rather than negative things can make a person happier. This subject is covered in a book by the Dalai Lama called "The Art of Happiness."

Altruism (05:11)

Altruism is the desire to help other people. Research shows helping other people leads to increased levels of happiness. People who focus on other people are healthier than people who are self-absorbed.

Credits: Staying Happy and Positive Throughout Life (00:17)

Credits: Staying Happy and Positive Throughout Life

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Staying Happy and Positive Throughout Life

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This useful program helps viewers understand how to be happy throughout their lives. Topics throughout the video focus on changing happiness levels, being grateful, attention change, altruism, and whether or not we are happy. Keeping a gratitude journal, focusing on the positives of a situation, and getting involved in volunteer activities are just a few tips users will learn after watching this uplifting video. (18 minutes)

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