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Why Are Workers Expected to be More Enthusiastic? (01:26)


Eve Ash explains that working 9 to 5 and finishing your assignments is not enough anymore. A collapse of structure, the flattening of hierarchies and the reduction of staff mean more work and collaboration.

Developing and Maintaining High Energy Levels (02:35)

Eve Ash describes the characteristics that energetic people have in common: they exude fitness and their habits support that. She emphasizes hydration and exercise.

Getting and Staying Fit (02:16)

Eve Ash suggests if you are unmotivated, pick a partner to start exercising. It can take 2 to 3 months before exercise becomes a habit. Replace fatty fried and starchy foods with fruits and vegetables. Alcohol reduces energy.

Attitude Affects Energy Levels (01:45)

Eve Ash explains how people with negative, blaming behaviors can be contagious. Conversely, positive people have a positive effect on others.

Optimism Versus Pessimism (03:24)

Peter Quarry refers to the studies of psychologist Martin Seligman and discusses the possibility of challenging pessimists on their negative beliefs to help them with their mental attitude.

Take Responsibility for Finding Spark in Your Life (03:50)

Psychologist Peter Quarry and Eve Ash discuss the relationship between enthusiasm at work and lack of meaning or purpose in one's personal life. Your job may not be challenging or meaningful enough.

How Psychologist Eve Ash Maintains Her Energy (01:23)

Ash gets excited about bringing ideas to fulfillment. She is confident about being able to accomplish her dreams. As a child she was considered a "doer" and as an adult she passes her energy along to others.

Resources and Credits: Energy and Enthusiasm (00:45)

Resources and Credits: Energy and Enthusiasm

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