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Credits: Faat Kine (01:35)


Credits: Faat Kine

Faat Kine and Children (00:40)

Single mother, Faat Kine drops her children off to catch a taxi. Her daughter Aby frets over the results of her baccalaureate exams. Her son Djib tries to soothe Aby.

Pathe (01:47)

We view scenes of Senegal. Impoverished and crippled, Pathe, is treated badly by a truck driver. Pathe claims his wheelchair was stolen.

Pathe’s Wheelchair (00:47)

Pathe bemoans to Kine how his wheelchair was stolen by his girlfriend. Kine scolds him, recounting how they saved to buy him the wheelchair. Pathe makes threats of revenge.

The Flower Seller (01:46)

A flower seller visiting Kine at work sends Pathe on his way. She suggests he is drunk. Kine explains his wheelchair was stolen.

Jean (01:51)

We meet Jean, a friend of Faat Kine and a widower. He cares for Kine, but she resists his advances claiming his deceased wife Suzanne was a friend. Jean departs.

Aby's Father (01:12)

Kine is interrupted by the appearance of Aby’s father. He inquires about Aby’s exam results. Kine is sarcastically nonplussed about his sudden paternal concerns. She dismisses him but he lurks outside.

Aby’s Exam Results (02:53)

Business continues at the fuel station. Aby's father waits. Aby calls with news she has passed her exams. Kine offers to throw her a party. Aby’s father again asks about Aby’s exam and Kine sharply tells him to go back to his wives.

Kine's Memories (01:24)

We flashback to a young Kine. She is expelled from school less than two months before her exams because she is pregnant. Her friends are sympathetic and suggest she appeal to her baby’s father for help. The father, a professor, is indifferent. Flash-forward: Kine finally expels Aby’s father from the office and the day continues.

Kine's Household (01:40)

Aby and her friend Yonde arrive at Aby’s home. We meet Adel, a servant and Aby’s grandmother, Mammy. They rejoice at Aby’s and Yonde’s news of passing exams. They await Kine.

Hardworking Kine (01:32)

Kine departs from work. Her co-worker professes his worry for her driving alone. We learn Kine works long hours at the gas station.

Rejoice (01:56)

Mammy blesses Aby and her friend Yonde. Kine arrives home and Adel attends Kine. Aby and Mammy express delight the children passed their exams. We intuit Kine is the sole provider of the family.

Mammy's Memories (02:00)

Mammy recounts how she intervened on Kine’s behalf when Kine became pregnant out of wedlock. We learn Kine’s father furiously attacked her but Mammy shielded Kine with her own body and still bears the scars and injuries of the attack.

Kine's Strength (01:45)

We learn Kine was forced to pay rent and utilities to her father when Aby's father refused to marry her. When Kine’s father died, Mammy did not mourn him. Mammy tries to explain she is now learning from Kine’s independence and strength.

Mammy Thanks Kine (02:00)

We witness Kine struggling as a single mother. She pays rent to her half-brother while working at the gas station she now manages. Mammy thanks Kine for her efforts and hard work, commending the example she has set for her children.

Pressure to Wed (00:54)

We meet Mammy’s new husband. He gives thanks to God for the occasion and immediately digresses to how he prays for Kine to find a husband. To Kine, his prayer is a dismissal of her effort as a parent and provider.

Aby's Dream to Study Abroad (03:46)

Djib has passed his exam with honors. He details plans to travel in Senegal before he begins college. Aby wants to study in Canada; Kine says it is too expensive. Aby says she does not want to become a gas station manager. Insulted, Kine tells Aby to go ask her father to pay for her studies.

Kine Needs a Husband (03:54)

Djib, Aby, and Mammy discuss Kine’s future and her need for a husband. Mammy asks, would either child care to see Kine reunited with their respective father? Neither child wishes this. Jean is mentioned as a suitable match.

Kine's Generosity (01:46)

We view Kine's giving nature as she presents a gift to the flower seller for her children. Kine also gives coins to a group of school children.

Sexism Backfires (02:49)

Kine visits a bank to negotiate a loan but refuses the interest rates of the bank. The bank manager makes sexual innuendos. She playfully, denies his advances and negotiates her own terms and interest rates.

Not Pathe (01:30)

Kine mistakes a man in a hand powered wheel chair for Pathe. The man knows Pathe and agrees to deliver a message to him for Kine. Kine asks the man if he can read and the man replies he can read, holds a job, and is a private messenger.

Mrs. Wade (01:56)

Mrs. Wade approaches Kine and demands she stop sleeping with her husband, Mr. Wade. Kine pepper sprays her and says she pays Mr. Wade for his services.

Kine's Tontine (02:26)

Kine is approached by Alpha to borrow a large sum of money. We learn Kine has profited greatly from her tontine, an investment plan. Alpha owes her money and swears to pay her back with interest if she will loan him more. She does not commit.

Kine's Business Acumen (03:30)

Kine meets Mr. Thiam, a businessman. Alpha, angered to be denied a loan by Kine bickers with Mr. Thiam. Kine deftly manages her business, negotiates with businessmen, and still donates to charity. Alpha laments his ill luck; the same beggar woman who beseeched him to give to the poor approaches, but he dismisses her rudely.

Uncle Jean (05:23)

Aby and Djib visit Jean to plot a romance between Kine and him. Jean if offended because he is Christian and Kine is Muslim. Djib pleads to arrange a meeting that will allow Jean to spend time with Kine alone. Jeans dismisses them and tells his secretary about the visit. The secretary says Jean should marry her instead; Jean is surprised.

Aby's Reluctance (00:37)

Aby is reluctant to meddle in her mother’s love life. Djib persuades her with the argument their mother has done everything to see them succeed so he will do anything, even something immoral, to find her a good man like Uncle Jean.

Hostile Customer (03:24)

An attractive female customer is angry with Kine for withholding the keys to her car. Kine explains her station only accepts local currency due to counterfeiting. Kine bluntly tells her to get to the bank and come back with the proper currency.

Call to Prayer (01:35)

A customer hears the Muslim call to prayer. He asks the attendant for a place to pray, noting the Christian cross worn by the attendant. Religious tensions are suggested as he loudly exclaims Allah is great and proceeds to pray.

Hostile Customer Returns (01:53)

The owner of the impounded car returns with an attractive husband to show Kine that she is better off for having a husband. Kine expresses she is not impressed with this husband, states the bills were counterfeit, and dismisses them.

Mr. Wade (03:41)

Mr. Wade comes to Kine to report his wife left him with the three children. He is angry with Kine for pepper spraying his wife. Kine laughs him away. She tells Mr. Wade it is over between them and dismisses him with insults to his sexual prowess.

Girlfriends (05:33)

Kine and friends meet. One friend reveals she has remarried. Her father gave her to a man without consulting her. The women are astounded. They commiserate, make financial suggestions and discuss the topics of AIDS and condom use.

Djib's Father, BOP (02:30)

Kine finds her car blocked in by another car. While waiting, Djib’s father, BOP, approaches. He looks and smells like a vagrant. He has heard his son passed his exams.

Kine's Memory of BOP (04:07)

We remember with Kine, BOP showing a heavily pregnant Kine a house under construction, promising a future with her. Kine willingly loans him money for the home. We learn he never repaid the money and was imprisoned.

BOP Today (02:27)

Kine ridicules BOP's beggarly state and says she has waited 17 years (for her money). Jean is the owner of the car blocking Kine. He is surprised to see BOP. Kine berates Jean for holding her up. Jean offers charity to BOP and takes him home.

The Children's Plan (02:52)

At home, Kine is scolded by her family for smoking on the street. Kine defends she smoked because she was upset by Jean who blocked her car. The children defend Uncle Jean and set into motions their romance plans for Jean and Kine.

Siblings Confront Kine (05:27)

The children confront Kine about finding a partner. Thinking her children want her to be with one of their fathers, she explodes with anger. Kine demands to know which father the children prefer. Djib admits that neither father is worthy of Kine.

Gesture to Honor Kine (02:37)

The children present their diplomas to Mammy. They beg Mammy to intervene and honor Kine with the diplomas as she is angry with them. They agree to frame the diplomas and place them in Kine’s room.

Compromise (02:38)

Aby states she will stay in the country to study. Finding this a good compromise, Kine says she will mortgage the house if she hasn’t saved enough money to send Aby abroad to study after university.

Pity for Pathe (01:15)

Pathe has made the front page of the newspaper for killing his cheating girlfriend and her lover. Kine’s pity is stirred and she sends her attendant to the prison to take some food to Pathe.

Celebration (04:18)

The party for Kine’s children unfolds at her home. Mammy proclaims today women are men’s pillars. Kine apologizes to her friend Amy for their conversation earlier. Amy reveals she took Kine's advice.

Aby's Father, Mr. Gaye (03:45)

Aby’s father crashes the party. He asks Aby why she doesn’t visit him. Aby asks if he would help pay for her schooling. He laments he supports too many people. He states Kine is rich and can pay for her education.

Djib Meets His Father, BOP (04:12)

Djib’s father, in borrowed clothes, crashes the party. Djib meets his father for the first time. BOP encourages Djib to study abroad. Djib says he has no scholarship to study abroad. His father tells him to ask Kine for money and to be more ambitious.

Confrontation (02:04)

Djib reproaches BOP for going to prison and missing his childhood. Djib states his birth certificate lists Kine's father as Djib's father. BOP demands to be recognized as Djib’s father. Djib refuses and says he will never respect BOP.

Demand Respect (01:51)

Djib is told to respect his elders. Aby’s father, Mr. Gaye, interjects and demands Djib respect his father. The men state Djib is immoral and without values. The argument turns to Mr. Gaye, his sordid history with Kine, and questionable values.

Moral Superiority (01:13)

Djib mocks Mr. Gaye’s moral superiority since he fathered Kine's baby and then expelled Kine two months before her exams because she was pregnant. Djib demands the two worthless fathers kneel before Kine and ask forgiveness.

Scuffle (01:48)

Djib says these fathers dishonor Africa with their hypocritical morals. Mr. Gaye tries to strike Djib. They scuffle. Djib releases him and reiterates he is all that is wrong with Africa. The unwanted fathers are asked to leave and they depart.

Kine's Revelation (02:47)

Mammy praises Djib to Adel. Jean arrives. The children greet him and thank him for coming. Kine’s friends joke and suggest Kine and Jean form a family. Kine surprises her friends when she reveals she already slept with Jean.

Jean and Kine (01:08)

As the party winds down, Jean and Kine dance. The children celebrate their successful scheme to bring them together. The children decide to legitimize their partnership at city hall, specifically not at the mosque or the church.

Romance (01:44)

Kine and Jean retire to Kine’s room after the party. Kine strikes a seductive and inviting pose summoning Jean to her.

Credits: Faat Kine (01:56)

Credits: Faat Kine

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This feature film from Ousmane Sembene, known as the father of African cinema, examines the interplay of gender, economics, and power through the fictional life story of Senegalese businesswoman Faat Kine. The deceptively light domestic drama explores themes of traditional family roles, patriarchal personal and political relationships, and economic self-reliance in the country’s post-independence era. French and Wolof with English subtitles. (121 minutes)

Length: 121 minutes

Item#: BVL49776

Copyright date: ©2001

Reviews & Awards

“A sunny, minimalist soap opera. Offers both an introduction and a postscript to Sembene’s work.”  —The Village Voice    

“The welcome e return of the master! He hasn’t missed a step and we’re lucky to have him back on his path.”  —The New York Times     

“The Mildred Pierce of sub-Saharan Africa.”  Utne Reader

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