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Financial Tip 1: Budget (04:15)


Investment advisor Freda Miriklis comments on how people generally think about money and how they handle money. The first step in managing money is to create a budget. Mirikis walks viewers through this process.

Financial Tip 2: Save (03:17)

People tend to spend beyond their means, and thus have no money to save. People must think seriously about frivolous purchases. Avoid credit card debt and the exorbitant interest on unpaid balances.

Financial Tip 3: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt (01:59)

Investment advisor Freda Miriklis explains the differences between good debt and bad debt. This knowledge can help people understand how to think about purchases.

Financial Advisors (02:26)

The film host asks Investment advisor Freda Miriklis to comment on financial advisors and good and bad financial advice.

Credits: Managing Personal Finances (00:25)

Credits: Managing Personal Finances

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Managing Personal Finances

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We can all take more control of our finances, even if we don’t earn a lot of money, by understanding our expenses and making informed decisions. In this program, investment advisor Freda Miriklis defines good debt and bad debt, and outlines a practical approach to savings and expenditure. This program helps viewers evaluate their essential needs to determine the right time to spend money on nonessentials. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (12 minutes)

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