Segments in this Video

Black Panther Party Images and Credits (01:02)


Black Panther Party Images and Credits: Black Panther/San Francisco State: On Strike

Black Panther Promotional Video (02:14)

We see archival footage of experts discussing their views about society's acceptance of Black people. They discuss the role of the police in the Black community. (Graphic language)

Power Structure (02:14)

The Black Panther party focuses on the police. An expert discusses the party's approach to handling the police.

Black Panthers, a Self-Defense Group (01:56)

We see archival footage of Black Panther party members organizing into groups and practicing marching. The Panther party views themselves as an educational body; they will teach the people the necessary strategies for revolution.

"A Revolution Has Come" (03:46)

We see archival footage of a Black Panther party demonstration. Party members explain their focus and their demand for freedom. They discuss the coalition with the Peace and Freedom Party.

Meaning of a Black Revolution (03:37)

A Black Panther Party member outlines the ten goals of the party. We see images used by the Black Panther Party and a Panther Party demonstration. Credits for the Black Panther promotional video. (Graphic language)

Longest Strike On a College Campus (03:44)

We see archival footage of students protesting at San Francisco State. Third World Students provide a list of demands regarding the racist platform of education. (Graphic language)

"On Strike, Shut it Down!" (02:34)

Students demonstrate on the San Francisco State campus. Experts address the large crowd of protesters, raising emotions and energy. Protesters will not compromise their demands.

Unlawful Assembly (02:13)

The San Francisco police department demands the disbursement of protesters on the San Francisco State campus. Police engage in physical confrontations with the protesters.

"The Tracking System" (01:36)

The number of Black students attending San Francisco State drops to 3% in 1968. The tracking system divides third grade children into two tracks, college and vocational. San Francisco State students demand acceptance despite IQ tests.

Seeking Liberation (02:21)

We see archival footage of the police marching onto the San Francisco State campus. Marchers protest oppression by the government outside of city hall.

Standing Against Anarchy (02:46)

Racism keeps the working man divided. We see archival footage of protesters marching outside city hall. A man rips books apart and police confront protesters on the San Francisco State Campus. (Graphic language)

Campus Community Struggles Together (04:04)

An expert addresses the actions of police on the San Francisco State campus. Students picket outside the college. After six weeks, teachers join the strike. John Doe #29 receives a restraining order. Police face students with guns drawn. (Graphic language)

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Black Panther/San Francisco State: On Strike

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This two-part program begins with the actual film the Black Panther Party used to promote its cause. Shot in 1969 in San Francisco, it’s an exemplar of 1960s activist filmmaking, featuring an interview from jail with Black Panthers cofounder Huey Newton, as well as footage of cofounder Bobby Seale explaining its Ten Point Program and Eldridge Cleaver discussing the Panthers’ appeal to the black community. The program’s second part, shot by students and their supporters during the San Francisco State University strike of 1968–1969, documents the groundbreaking protest that led to the establishment of the first ethnic studies department at an American university. (34 minutes)

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