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School Violence Doesn't Happen Out of Nowhere (01:13)


The kids in this video are sharing real experiences. Tragic school violence begins with seemingly minor things, such as bullying and disrespect.

Words and Violence (02:29)

Kids explain that violence is anything that hurts someone's body or feelings. A black student says a student called him a nigger and ripped his shirt, and so he hit him, but explains that this is not right.

Escalating Violence (02:16)

Words can rob you of dignity and feel like a punch; a black student explains how being called "nigger" affected him. Verbal violence leads to physical violence.

A Former Bully Speaks (02:26)

Former bully Alanna says she thought fighting was the answer. She went after those she thought were looking at her wrong, or those she heard were gossiping about her. Bullies hurt others to feel powerful.

Bullied Kids' Breaking Point (01:52)

Listen as a student tells about a boy who was mercilessly bullied for a birth defect; he ultimately pulled a knife on his tomenter. She says she should have seen warning signs. Do something when you see someone being hurt.

Homophobia (02:37)

People use homophobic language thinking it is no big deal, a lesbian or bisexual student explains. She talks about hearing people talk about coming after bisexuals and lesbians.

Sexual Harassment (01:37)

Unwanted sexual comments or touching is harassment. Girls describe being sexually harassed. Others talk about the need to step in when you see harassment or bullying.

Summary of Violence in School (00:59)

Tolerating any form of violence has a numbing effect. Violence is anything that hurts another person's body or feelings.

Credits: It's Not Only Murder: Discovering the Violence in Your Life, Grades 7-12 (00:40)

Credits: It's Not Only Murder: Discovering the Violence in Your Life, Grades 7-12

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It's Not Only Murder: Discovering the Violence in Your Life, Grades 7–12

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This powerful video demonstrates why violence is not just the stuff of headline news. Young people will gain greater awareness of the destructiveness of certain behaviors seen every day in our classrooms, homes, and neighborhoods. Offers motivational material for young people interested in increasing their personal commitment against violence. Produced by Hazelden. (12 minutes)

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