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Fuel Source (05:58)


Food is the fuel that powers the human body. Glucose is a sugar that allows cells to create energy. The digestive system extracts glucose from food.

Cooking (03:04)

In the gut, starches break down into glucose, which is necessary for strenuous activities like running. Cooking releases about 80% more energy than raw food.

Digestion (04:38)

There are six steps in digestion. The gut extracts glucose and it enters the bloodstream. Insulin carries the glucose and then it is burned in a chemical process.

Glucose Reserves (02:12)

For many marathon runners, the body’s natural reserves run out at mile 20. Getting sugar into the bloodstream quickly can revive overworked cells.

Fasting (07:05)

The human body evolved to handle periods of food scarcity, which most people do not face anymore. Fasting is a part of many religious practices. Fasting gives the digestive system a break and some research says it has health benefits.

Brain and Digestion (03:27)

The smell of food triggers an enzyme to start producing saliva. The stomach sends a signal to the brain when it is full or empty. The chemicals for hunger are the same as those for anger and rage.

Gut Bacteria (07:16)

The microbiome is the bacteria living in the gut that breaks down food and absorbs nutrients. About 80% of the body's immune cells are in the mucus membrane around the gut. Allergic reactions occur when the immune system sees food as toxic.

Gut Health (05:00)

The microbiome contains microbes that contribute to good gut health. The rise in allergies could be tied to increased exposure to different substances.

Gut Microbiome Changes (08:49)

Environmental factors, like pollution, impact gut health. The microbiome can be restored through diet.

Healthy Gut Bacteria (04:28)

Plant fiber is essential for a healthy microbiome because it feeds gut bacteria. It helps prevent diseases and dispel waste.

Credits: Fuel - Human: The World Within (00:30)

Credits: Fuel - Human: The World Within

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Running through the middle of our bodies, the human gut processes the fuel our bodies need to keep going. It’s also home to an entire ecosystem whose power we’re just beginning to uncover.

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