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Nervous System (05:51)


The nervous system is the most important of the body's systems. It perceives the world and tells the body how to react. It makes split-second decisions for protection, like in boxing.

Sight (02:59)

The retina processes light particles that enter the eyes. It sends electrical signals to the optic nerve in the brain. The eyes send 10 million pulses to the brain every second.

Muscle Memory (04:11)

The brain is adaptable and the more it does something, the easier it becomes. Neurons form new pathways and travel them until they become a memory.

Memories and Emotions (06:01)

Memories can fade over time because the neurons forget the connections. Having a strong emotional connection can make a memory stronger. The nervous system processes emotions and determines reactions.

Amygdala Hijack (06:41)

When fear is too great, pathways in the brain are inaccessible; the amygdala determines emotions. Fear can be controlled with exposure and familiarity.

Spinal Cord (05:28)

The spinal cord allows the brain to interact with every organ, muscle, and cell. It allows nerve communication throughout the body to reach the brain. Pain travels through the spinal cord and tells the body that something is wrong.

Nerve Pain (05:10)

A pinched nerve is damage to the spinal cord that disrupts how one feels pain. Sciatica is compression of the largest nerve in the body.

Bionic Limbs (06:43)

Researchers are trying to restore the sense of touch for people with bionic limbs. Phantom pain comes from the nervous system still trying to connect a missing limb.

Sense of Touch (08:52)

Experts implant a neurostimulator in Jason Little's arm to restore the sensation of touch. The sensors connect with existing nerves that sent signals to the missing hand.

Credits: React - Human: The World Within (00:30)

Credits: React - Human: The World Within

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How do you react to the world around you? Through the lens of a boxer, first responder and a man with a bionic limb, we’ll go deep into the universe of the most powerful machine on earth: the human brain and the nervous system it controls.

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