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Parkinson’s and the SLP: Treatment Approaches for Voice, Speech, Language, Cognition and Other Issues

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Motor symptoms in Parkinson’s, such as slowness of movement, rigidity, and tremor have long been the focus of identification, assessment, and treatment with rehab as well as with medications and surgery. However, some of the earliest symptoms to appear — the non-motor issues — impact speech, language, and cognition and are often overlooked until these symptoms become more pronounced and visible. In this video seminar, international Parkinson’s expert, John Dean provides clinical answers on how to help clients with symptoms that are not responsive to pharmacological or surgical intervention. This workshop is a fast-moving intensive look at a range of common communication and cognitive issues associated with Parkinson’s as they intersect with the speech-language pathology scope of practice, including voice and speech as well as language and cognition. Dean teaches ways to skillfully implement a range of treatment approaches to meet clients’ needs and goals.

Length: 93 minutes

Item#: BVL240818

ISBN: 978-1-63722-496-0

Copyright date: ©2020

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