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How Diet is Connected to Mental Health, Trauma and Addiction: A Practical Roadmap for Recovery

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3-Year Streaming Price: $179.95



The connection between what we eat, and how we feel, has been documented for over a decade in studies. Yet, few organizations dealing with mental health and addiction have incorporated this concept into their treatment protocols. In this video seminar, renowned dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick discusses the major dietary factors that impact depression, anxiety, and addiction. She details why dietary intervention is essential to successful recovery and considers the groundbreaking new program at the Meadows that is addressing these factors in an effort to better serve patients, visitors and staff. She explains the mind diet, Omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin D studies, MTHFR deficiency, gut health research, and the impact of processed food on mental health.

Length: 59 minutes

Item#: BVL240788

ISBN: 978-1-63722-466-3

Copyright date: ©2020

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