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CBT Strategies for Kids and Adolescents: Supporting Students With ADHD and Anxiety

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A safe haven for some and a source of significant stress for others, school presents a number of unique stressors – particularly those with anxiety or ADHD. As they navigate their new normal at school, students will need more support than ever. This video seminar with child and adolescent CBT expert Dr. David Pratt explains why students with anxiety and/or ADHD are especially vulnerable to difficulties re-entering school after a prolonged absence. Pratt presents easy to implement CBT strategies and tools to help students meet academic and social demands of school. He considers approaches to dealing with school anxiety and common triggers for avoidance. He also looks at ADHD as more than just a behavior problem, discussing the executive function deficits underlying ADHD, presents guidance for teaching executive functioning, and offers interventions for motivation, time management, problem solving, and emotional self-control.

Length: 110 minutes

Item#: BVL240786

ISBN: 978-1-63722-464-9

Copyright date: ©2020

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