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Examples of HIPAA Violations (03:44)


All PHI is private and must be held confidentially by healthcare providers until the patient gives permission that it be shared with designated people; there are exceptions. The American Nurses Association created standards for patients' rights to privacy with respect to identifiable health information.

Changes in Practice and the Environment (05:15)

Because PHI can be in written, oral, or electronic form, hospitals and other medical facilities must train staff about HIPAA regulations and ensure the environment is set up in a way to protect patient information.

Patient Rooms and Corridors (01:56)

HIPAA regulations prohibit any staff member from revealing PHI to family or friends without the patient's prior approval. Hospitals no longer post patient identifiers outside rooms. Only safety information will be posted inside rooms.

Clinics, Physicians Offices, and Pharmacies (04:07)

Staff may remove names from new sign-in sheets. All patients must receive written information about HIPAA guidelines and a form indicating they have been read. Patients must give written consent to share PHI.

Credits: Confidentiality: How to Maintain Patient Confidentiality (2020 edition) (01:13)

Credits: Confidentiality: How to Maintain Patient Confidentiality (2020 edition)

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Confidentiality: How to Maintain Patient Confidentiality (2020 edition)

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As communication technology has made it possible to easily store and transmit enormous amounts of medical information through computerized databases, fax machines, and the internet, there is an increased danger that confidential information may be revealed to inappropriate individuals. The program identifies ways to keep electronically stored information private, presents guidelines for maintaining confidentiality when leaving messages, and describes how privacy rules govern conversations with coworkers.

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