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CNA Resident Assessment (04:02)


The CNA should always be assessing the residents for changes in behavior in order to enhance the resident's state of wellness or prevent further injury or illness.

Be Aware of Symptoms (03:04)

To monitor a resident's health, you need to observe and report any changes in their ability to eat, drink, use the bathroom, and conduct activities of daily living.

Report Abnormal Signs (02:25)

Observe the resident for changes in level of consciousness, responsiveness, and ability to walk and move. Report any abnormal signs.

Pain: First Indicator of a Problem (02:22)

Report any pain the resident is experiencing to your primary nurse so that appropriate pain relief can be administered. Observe the skin for any abnormalities.

Observation: An Important Tool (03:46)

Observation is an important part of your role as a CNA. By promptly reporting your observations, you can make an important difference in the health and wellbeing of the residents in your care.

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Residents depend on the nursing assistant’s ability to recognize changes in behavior, appearance, and abilities, and to report significant observations promptly and accurately. Observing for abnormal signs and symptoms is an important part of the routine care nursing assistants provide to residents. This program provides a guide to help nursing assistants assess the residents they care for and describes what should be watched for during daily interactions and what to do when changes are observed. It considers changes in appetite, ability to perform daily activities, ability to respond, ability to move, pain, skin, eyes,ears, nose, mouth, and respirations.

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