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Universal Face of Trauma (02:02)


All survivors of violence suffer severe trauma. They often turn to therapy to attempt to come to terms with and recover from the violence. This film will visit Palestine, France, and Quebec to learn more about this subject.

Learning to Speak Out (02:55)

Mya, a 14 year old victim of sexual abuse, talks about being put in foster care after speaking out against her half brother. Music therapy has been helping her prepare to speak in public at his trial and helping her rebuild and express herself.

Destroyed Inside and Out (02:37)

Psychoanalyst Christian Lachal is on the Gaza Strip making progress reports on Palestinian families. Operating in a conflict zone requires a particular type of therapy. Twenty one year old Ahmed was wounded by bullets fired from a tank.

Asking Why (01:47)

Stephanie is a 29 year old rape victim who lives in Paris, France. She is undergoing therapy with a psychologist who runs a rape crisis support group. Rapists use violence in an attempt to destroy the victim.

Human Inflicted Violence (04:11)

Jean was only 5 years old when his family was massacred during the genocide in Rwanda. He survived, but suffered mutilation. After arriving in Canada as a refuge, he was a adopted and has been undergoing therapy with a psychologist.

Hyper Adaptation to Violence (04:14)

Christian Lachal and an American psychologist continue their work on the Gaza Strip. Therapy assessments for a young brother and sister are done with family present. Their house is regularly hit by shots fired from an Israeli lookout post.

Reduced to Nothing (01:31)

Stephanie describes a psychological aggression that developed after being raped. She feels her attacker transmitted part of his perversion to her through his violent act.

Conflicting Feelings and Art Therapy (04:22)

Mya, a 14 year old victim of sexual abuse, illustrates a story as it is read by her therapist. She is torn between anger over her half-brother's actions and the fact that he won't recognize her as a victim.

Trauma in Palestinian Family (01:50)

Psychoanalyst and ethnopsychiatrist, Christian Lachal is on the Gaza Strip talking to 21 year old Ahmed who was wounded by bullets fired from a tank. He is having trouble breathing because of tension in his chest brought on by anxiety.

"Association Paris Aide Aux Vicitmes" (02:39)

For certain rape victims it is important to focus on the body and how it experienced and reacted to aggression. Rediscovering bodily feelings should be done in conjunction with mental therapy.

Growing up with Violence (02:38)

Psychoanalyst and ethnopsychiatrist, Christian Lachal is on the Gaza Strip talking to a Palestinian family. A young boy has thoughts of becoming a martyr. In war situations violence is constantly reactivated by events.

Recovering from Trauma (03:36)

A pedopsychiatrist explains that the worst part of trauma is the desire to destroy the perpetrator. A survivor of the genocide in Rwanda is surprised to be alive. He remembers the massacres and hardships he faced as a child.

Rebuilding the Self after Sexual Abuse (04:07)

A vicitm of rape describes being shaken to her core by the violent act. The changes in her beliefs about the world are the worst consequence of the attack. Mya is using music therapy to prepare to speak out in court against her abuser.

Recovering from Serious Injury (03:48)

Trauma acts as a metamorphosis that develops vulnerabilities and strengths in the victim. Christian Lachal talks to Ahmed about his personal relationships before and after he was wounded on the Gaza Strip.

Coping with Ongoing Violce (02:01)

Psychoanalyst Christian Lachal does a therapy assessment with a Palestinian family. A young girl draws a picture of the violence that is going on outside her home. Weeks later her home is destroyed by a tank.

Accepting the New Self (04:32)

Stephanie, a victim of rape, is trying to accept that her sense of joy has been destroyed. The self is radically changed by acts of violence and one must take time to mourn for the lost self. Trauma creates multiple selves that can be supported with therapy.

Extreme Human Violence (02:25)

Jean, a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda, has learned to love people again after being adopted by a family in Quebec.

Final Thoughts: Violence, Trauma, and Recovery (03:07)

Mya's half brother was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing her. She describes her feelings being face to face with him in court.

Credits: After the Outrage: Violence, Trauma, and Recovery (01:02)

Credits: After the Outrage: Violence, Trauma, and Recovery

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Violence, regardless of scale or setting, leaves a trail of emotional and psychological damage. And virtually everyone caught in its wake experiences the same inescapable pattern of suffering. But how powerful is the stranglehold of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD? Is there a set of guiding principles emerging from studies of PTSD, a common pathway that trauma patients can follow to rediscover peace of mind? Presenting stories from Palestine, France, and Quebec, this program follows therapists working to treat diverse yet often comparable trauma cases—from children abused by family members to a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. The result: a global perspective on the effort to decode and transcend the effects of horrific violence. Strategies drawn from art and music therapy as well as more conventional forms of treatment and analysis are included. (Portions with English subtitles, 56 minutes)

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