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Introduction: Four Pillars of World-Class Phlebotomy (2021 Revision) (00:58)


In this video, Dennis Ernst will identify the four essential elements of phlebotomy and other blood collection specialties.

Assuring Sample Quality (12:22)

Up to 93% of laboratory errors occur in the preanalytical phase, averaging a cost of $349 each. The greatest threats to test results include patient identification, IV contamination, hemoconcentration, contaminated blood cultures, hemolysis, order of draw, mixing, under filling, labeling, and processing delays.

Preventing Patient Injury (09:56)

Phlebotomy risks include nerve damage, subcutaneous hemorrhage, lymphedema, fainting, and death. Technical errors include excessive angle insertion, excessive repositioning, and inadequate pressure. Judgmental errors include unacceptable site selection, unacceptable vein selection, patient misidentification, inattentiveness, failure to terminate, and labeling errors.

Mastering Customer Service (09:27)

A culture of professionalism is essential to demonstrating excellence. Outward signs of professionalism include personal appearance, attitude, and professional development. Consider patient perceptions and perform a self-assessment.

Avoiding Bloodborne Exposures (10:03)

Exposure prevention considerations include recapping, glove use, excessive syringe use, Sharps containers, safety needles, vein anchoring, collection tube filling, and non-retractable puncture devices.

Credits: Four Pillars of World-Class Phlebotomy (2021 Revision) (01:23)

Credits: Four Pillars of World-Class Phlebotomy (2021 Revision)

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Four Pillars of World-Class Phlebotomy (2021 Revision)

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This program discusses the hallmarks of a world-class phlebotomist, offering tools and inspiration for performing at a higher level. Viewers learn to master customer service, draw specimens of high quality, prevent patient injury, and avoidg accidental needlesticks. The program was produced in 2014, but updated in 2021 to meet current industry standards.

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