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Introduction: The History of Britain: Episode 3 (02:00)


Tony Robinson will examine life in Britain during the rule of various monarchs. This film focuses on the Georgian period.

Georgian Travel (08:08)

Jack Rand grew up poor and peddled various wares in Bath. He became a coachman, working from dawn until dusk and earning 10-15 pounds a year. He wanted a more luxurious lifestyle and became a highwayman. In 1774, Rand was sentenced to death.

Georgian Navy (08:36)

In 1770, British Marines forced John Mara to join the crew of the HMS Endeavor where he became a gunner's mate. Salt pork was part of a seaman's diet; scurvy was the biggest threat to their lives. Mara jumped ship and was whipped.

Georgian Medicine (07:22)

Jacobs Island was the "Venice of slums." Elizabeth Reagan, aged 60, broke her leg in an accident outside Saint Thomas's Hospital. A surgeon amputated her leg without anesthetic; unsanitary hospital conditions resulted in a survival rate of one in three.

Georgian Crime (08:21)

Laws identified over 200 hanging offenses. Charles Smith and his family lived in Hampshire; obtaining enough food was difficult and Smith began poaching. Robert Snellgrove caught him and Smith was tried and hanged.

Georgian Gin (07:59)

In the 1730s, approximately 700,000 people lived in London and consumed seven million gallons of gin every year. Elizabeth Bowman made and sold gin, moving underground when the government banned hawking gin on the streets; she spent two months in prison.

Credits: The History of Britain: Episode 3 (00:43)

Credits: The History of Britain: Episode 3

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The Georgians experienced bad harvests and famine. For some, like Charles Smith, the only way to put a nutritious meal on the table was to poach game from the nearby estate. Poaching was amongst more than 200 offences you could be hanged for, but Charles had a cunning plan… Many chose gin, to cope with Georgian life. Elizabeth Bowman decided that she’d supply it. Tony follows her from buying ingredients in Covent Garden, to hawking it at hangings and wrestling matches. But, with average consumption of gin at two pints a week for adults it was killing Londoners and Elizabeth’s enterprise soon became illegal.

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