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The Trojan Horse Debate (06:29)


The Trojans debate what to do with the giant wooden horse left on their beach by the Greeks. Cassandra suggests they burn it or throw it in the sea, but most of the Trojans want to open it and see what's inside. They're surprised to find Greek warriors hiding inside, and the play ends with the Trojans being defeated and enslaved.

Ulysses' Plan Executed (06:13)

Sinon tells the Trojans that the Greeks are giving up the war and going home, but in order to avoid the wrath of the gods, they have to sacrifice a Greek life. Sinon tells them that Ulysses chose him to be put to death, but he managed to escape. The Trojans believe him and bring the horse into the city.

The Trojan Horse Leads to Massacre (04:33)

Sinon tricks the Trojans into thinking that the horse is a gift from the gods, and the Greeks use it to enter the city and massacre the Trojans. Priam is killed, and Helen is captured.

Achilles Heel (04:51)

Achilles kills two Greek soldiers who were about to rape Polyxena, the youngest of Priam's daughters, and she looks at him with admiration. Paris, hidden behind a rampart, is furious and shoots Achilles.

Consequences for Gods as Hatred Replaces Harmony (03:35)

Zeus reflects on the fall of Troy and the consequences it will have for the gods. He fears that men's lack of faith will lead to the gods' disappearance. Ulysses returns home to Ithaca but is filled with doubts about the victory he has achieved.

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Illiad: Episode 10 - The Trojan Horse

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The Trojans are surprised to discover that the Greeks have suddenly left the shores of Troy, leaving only a wooden horse, as imposing as it is mysterious. A spear is thrown into its flanks. Inside the horse, Greek warriors, including Odysseus, who invented this strategy, remain silent and still...

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