Segments in this Video

Parental Expectations (08:49)


Amari’s father, Andre knows she will make the WGPA someday. Derek’s dad, Steve hopes his son will play college basketball. Jamie believes her sons Blake and Tanner divinely destined to be professional tennis players. Justus’s father, Josh, uses derogatory football coaching styles.

Parental Pressures (08:19)

Andre struggles financially, paying for Amari’s private golf coach. Steve uses derogatory language from the bleachers, prompting Derek’s rebellious attitude. Jamie explains that by furthering her sons’ tennis careers, she serves God. Josh berates Justus after a football game.

Parents Coaching (09:16)

At Callaway Junior World Championship, Andre embarrasses Amari. After his game, Steve reminds Derek of his free throw shot failures. Jamie explains that her sons want to play tennis competitively. Josh lectures Justus, suggesting that quitting football equates to suicide.

Parental Reasoning (09:14)

Andre explains his harsh coaching, mentioning available wealth if Amari goes professional. Josh justifies his training style after yelling at Justus and his ex-wife. Poor parenting moments are recapped. Jamie uses religion to coach her sons, while other parents berate and swear at their children.

Optimal Push System (05:39)

Peter Berg and Dr. Larry Lauer speak with former NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich about his experiences with a father intent on driving him to greatness. They explain better parenting techniques.

Replaying Errors (09:50)

Experts review the coaching techniques and risks taken in this video. Marinovich relates to Justus’s pain and agrees that extreme parental pressures drove his drug addiction.

Athlete Follow-Up (02:44)

Justus explains why he moved in with his mother. Jamie continues to speak for her sons on Mira Costa High School’s JV roster. After winning the Kikkor Golf Classic, Amari’s father focuses on future tournaments. Steve expresses pride in Derek’s scholarship.

Credits: State of Play: Trophy Kids (00:40)

Credits: State of Play: Trophy Kids

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“State of Play" is a cutting-edge documentary series from filmmaker Peter Berg that explores vital themes in society and culture through the unifying lens of sports. Parents are increasingly dedicated to leading their children towards a professional sports career, sacrificing everything for this singular goal. This program follows their “trophy kids,” documenting the rigors placed on them by their obsessive parents eager to see them make it.

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