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Pink Wall (03:10)


The selfie hotspot is one of Los Angeles' top tourist destinations. People from around the world take pictures for social media, hoping to obtain likes and more followers.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? (07:50)

Children in America want to be a famous influencer more than any other occupation. Are high numbers of social media likes and followers real fame? Nick Bilton and his team will attempt to make three random people famous influencers.

Fame and Social Media (02:45)

Most people want to be famous, but those who are have little control. Media expansion has opened more avenues for fame, including that of the influencer. Bilton and his team choose Dominique, Wylie, and Chris for their social experiment.

Dominique Druckman (04:05)

Dominique discusses her acting career and previous roles. She works in retail and attends class while waiting for her big break. Agents want to know about a client's social media presence.

Chris Bailey (02:51)

Chris has been in Los Angeles for nearly a year. He discusses his previous life in Tucson, Arizona, his love of fashion, and creating 1-Off.

Wylie Heiner (02:46)

Wylie works for a Beverly Hills real estate agent; he has lived in the area for a year. Wylie reflects on the gay community, taking anxiety medication, and fame.

Influencer (02:53)

Experts define the term and its various forms. They reflect on negative connotations and positive aspects.

Social Media Experiment (05:18)

Dominique, Wylie, and Chris meet with stylists and take selfies at the Pink Wall. Instagram metrics have become professional and personal markers in our society. Bilton purchases fake friends for the trio.

Contrived Photo Shoots (06:44)

Dominique and Wylie take photos at a backyard pool; Chris pretends he is at a private gym in Beverly Hills. Influencers often pretend they are somewhere else and edit their photos. Fake photos become a currency for real experiences, products, and sponsorships.

Fake Followers (06:06)

Dominique and Wylie take contrived Christmas photos; a drone provides coverage of Chris in a fake boxing match. Bilton purchases bot engagement for their social media accounts. Experts reflect on the acceptance of bots and influencer income.

Influencer Engagement (06:26)

Influencers are expected to constantly engage with their audience. Micro-infuencer Kenzie Harr gives Dominque tips. Bilton's team rents a mansion for Dominque's photo shoot. and a jet for Chris' photo shoot; Chris does not like the fakeness.

Social Media Presence (05:08)

Bilton purchases fake interactions several times a day for Dominique, Wylie, and Chris. Three months into the experiment, Dominique and Chris receive products and services in exchange for Instagram posts; Wylie makes his account private. Experts reflect on negative aspects of social media.

Becoming an Influencer (05:09)

Dominique's following approaches 100,000 and companies begin offering her free products and services. Wylie reflects on his job. He makes his first Instagram post after a two-month hiatus and watches for bot likes.

Influencer Road Trip (07:24)

Dominque reflects on the positive aspects of becoming an influencer. She receives an all expenses paid, VIP photo shoot with other influencers. In Las Vegas, the women attend a trade show.

Genuine Engagement (04:47)

Bilton learns that Chris was deleting all of the fake engagement that Bilton purchased; Chris wants to be famous for being himself. Wylie prepares for a themed birthday party. Bilton turns off all fake engagements to Wylie's Instagram account and Wylie's life becomes more positive.

Successful Influencer (03:28)

Dominique thrives in her new life. Five months into the experiment, Bilton purchases more bots. He hopes Dominique will receive free vacations and real money to sell products to her followers.

Pandemic and Fame (04:46)

Stay-at-home orders are issued around the world. Famous infuencers continue to post as if everything is normal and Dominique receives free items. She reflects on inauthenticity and using fame for good; her number of real followers increases.

Fake Fame (03:04)

Bilton reflects on the authenticity of influencers and the backlash some influencers received for using images of Black Lives Matter protests. Experts discuss the concept of influencing and fame.

Credits: Fake Famous (01:41)

Credits: Fake Famous

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Followers, likes, comments – these are the currencies of fame today. But can the 140 million Instagram users boasting over 100,000 followers all be considered famous? To answer this question, former reporter for the New York Times and Vanity Fair Nick Bilton and a team of social media experts, casting agents, and stylists recruit three starry-eyed Los Angeles transplants to participate in a social experiment designed to turn everyday people with modest online followings into “famous” influencers. But as Nick showers Dominque, Chris, and Wylie with phony photoshoots and fake followers that are really “bots,” maintaining the illusion of online celebrity spirals into an unpredictable undertaking. Peeling back the layers to reveal what’s really happening behind the scenes of influencer “fame,” Fake Famous illuminates the good and bad results of our obsession with social media.

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