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Early Life and works of E.M. Forster (04:04)


"E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey" is a film about E. M. Forster’s life. It is also the story of a special and largely unknown book by Forster called "The Longest Journey," a book that describes Forster’s own sense off what his life was to be. This segment explores Forster's early years. He was educated at a public school and then King's College in Cambridge. His homosexuality, the death of his parents, and his subsequent inheritance influenced his writing.

Adapting E.M. Forster's Works into Film (03:18)

Forster would not allow any of his novels be made into films during his lifetime. Executors at King's College struck a deal to turn "A Passage To India" into a film.

Forster's Lesser Known Novel (04:28)

Forster's semi autobiographical work "The Longest Journey" is a sincere and introspective story dealing with relationships, a subject of utmost importance to the author.

"The Longest Journey" (05:58)

The novel was published in 1907 as a reflection of Forster's alienated experiences going from Cambridge to the outside world. In examining the book, it is important to consider the laws and conventions of the time.

Parting with Respectability (05:10)

Forster tutored Sayed Ross Masood and they became close friends. During WWI, Foster worked for the Red Cross in Egypt and lost his virginity at the age of 37. Forster then had an intimate relationship with Mohammed el Adl who later died of tuberculosis.

Future Prospects (07:47)

Foster became involved in the Bloomsbury Memoir Club where he penned frank and open memoirs. Experts identify a key phrase as an important theme in his work and personal life. They contrast Forster's work and that of his favorite writer, Jane Austen.

Locked Diary (04:53)

Forster wrote about his encounters with lovers, including erotic short stories which he later burned. "Maurice" was the exception and it was published and filmed after his death.

Forster's Career Transition (06:02)

Forster published his last novel in 1924. Though he continued writing, he transitioned away from being a novelist. He became a more public figure and used his prestige to defend authors in obscenity trials.

Legacy of Tolerance (08:20)

Forster met Bob Buckingham and continued their relationship with throughout Buckingham's marriage. After a series of strokes, Forster died in their house. His life and works left a legacy of championing tolerance and individuality.

Credits: E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey (00:51)

Credits: E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey

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E.M. Forster: His Longest Journey is a film about E M Forster’s life. It is also the story of a special and largely unknown book by E M Forster called The Longest Journey, a book that describes Forster’s own sense off what his life was to be. This book, above all his other books, describes what he felt his life was to be.

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