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Introduction: Unnatural Genius (01:43)


In the "Becoming Human" series tech expert Chua Enlai investigates advances in artificial intelligence. He covers how different technology currently affects our lives and could in the future.

Computer Learning (10:24)

Machines use computer vision to recognize what they see through data and coding. Computers can be shown thousands of images of an object and then recognize when it is in front of them.

Natural Language Processing (11:13)

Human language learning occurs through common sense; teaching it to a computer is much harder. Microsoft has made breakthroughs with machine transcription and translation of human speech.

Artificial Artist, Robot Scientist (15:14)

A.I. can create art but without the creativity or emotions of humans. Babylon Health, an A.I. chatbot, has been taught to think like a doctor. In art and science, the goal is for A.I. to assist, not replace humans.

Beyond Human (09:02)

Researchers are combining neuroscience and computer science to make intelligent machines similar to a human brain. Some A.I. mimics the learning methods of human infants.

Credits: Unnatural Genius (00:19)

Credits: Unnatural Genius

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Unnatural Genius

Part of the Series : Becoming Human
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Enlai explores how natural intelligence inspires artificial intelligence. He meets A.I. that is trained to think like artists, musicians, doctors and scientists, and he learns how A.I. can outsmart us.

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