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Introduction to Toyota Brand & Recall (03:01)


In 2009, the world's largest carmaker became the subject of one of the biggest recalls in history. Viewers hear the 911 call that ended Toyota's reputation. Toyota's VP explains how the company is racing to repair the damage.

Political Circus (02:02)

On February 24, 2010, Toyota's Chief Executive, Akio Toyoda, appears before Congress in Washington DC. The company is accused of putting the public at risk by selling cars that can accelerate out of control.

"Pampered Prince's" Public Apology (02:02)

Viewers see and hear Akio Toyoda's Congressional testimony. He makes a public apology for any accidents that were caused by Toyota's mistakes. Akio Toyoda's family history is detailed.

Putting Lives at Risk (02:59)

Executive Vice President, Takeshi Uchiyamada, discusses Toyota's expansion, said to be the cause of Toyota's "biggest mistake." Lexuses and Celicas are recalled for "sudden unintended acceleration." Complaints were also made about Camrys.

U.S. Safety Reviews (02:01)

Car manufacturers are required to report to the country's safety agency if there are faults in its cars. Troy Johnson's death puts the spotlight back on SUA. Toyota advises 55,000 owners of a safety recall.

Toyota Discredited (02:34)

Takeshi Uchiyamada says Toyota acted promptly to address the floor mat problem. Toyota came under scrutiny when a memo surfaced stating the recall as a "win." Yoshiba Inaba answers questions about the memo before congress.

Operational Practices and Guidelines (02:09)

Toyota has always prided itself on its ethics. The company's core philosophy is known as the "Toyota Way." Viewers see school boys following the "Toyota rule." We learn of the five principles of the "Toyota Way." They were created by Sakichi.

"The King of Inventors" (03:02)

Determined to better his business, Sakichi Toyoda found his inspiration in America. This segment offers a brief history of Toyota car manufacturing.

Just in Time Production System (02:00)

A retired employee says the TPS is "the best method of producing things." This system consists of efficiency, continuous improvement, and elimination of waste. Viewers tour a clean, well organized, Toyota factory.

Prevented from Disclosure (03:27)

In 2001, Toyota consumers were complaining of "sudden unintended acceleration." An expert explains Toyota denied there was a problem. A former Toyota lawyer says Toyota prevented him from revealing information to crash victims and their lawyers.

Mark Saylor's 91 Call (01:49)

We hear Mark Saylor's 2009 call to 911 when his car accelerated out of control. Akio Toyoda apologizes to the Saylor family and says he will do everything he can to prevent additional accidents.

Global Ambition (02:10)

Toyota set up its first sales operation in America in the 1950s. By the 1970s, the TPS gave Toyota a major advantage over its competitors. Toyotas were known as well-built, fuel efficient cars. Factories were set up around the world.

The Green Car (02:27)

The Toyota's pick-up is marketed as the toughest truck. Viewers see the truck put through a series of tests. Toyota introduces the world's first mass-produced hybrid car, the Prius. It is a major "positioning tool" for the future.

Big Company Disease (02:15)

In 2002, Toyota's global sales resulted in $8,000,000 profit. Toyota overtook General Motors in 2007, becoming the world's biggest car maker. In five years, the company increased production by 50%.

Faulty Parts (02:19)

An expert explains the complicated assembly process of vehicles. Toyota worked with long- term suppliers to avoid flaws in its vehicles. As Toyota expanded, it increasingly used suppliers who were unfamiliar with "the Toyota Way."

Blaming Floor Mats and Drivers (03:20)

Takeshi Uchiyamada denies there were changes in the relationship with suppliers while Toyota expanded. A lawyer states Toyota was aware of SUA flaws. Viewers ride along with Guadalupe Alberto's daughter as she details her SUA accident.

Problems with Electronics? (02:15)

The congress addresses the floor mats and the sticky gas pedal issues. Toyota has recalled cars all over the world to address these problems. The sticky gas pedal has never been linked to fatal car accidents.

Unclear Reasons for SUA (02:00)

Toyota insists its electronics are not the cause of "sudden unintended acceleration." The company went to great lengths to prove it. Toyota has installed an electronic brake override system in recall cars. Experts comment on the new part.

Media Hail Storm (02:14)

Toyota is criticized for having no on in authority in the U.S. Decision making took place thousands of miles away from the crisis--in Toyota City. Toyota is working to address the problem of insularity.

A Tale of Greed? (01:48)

Akio Toyoda has repeatedly stated that it his name is on the car and "the buck stops with him." Viewers see Akio Toyoda give an emotional speech at Toyota headquarters.

What Next for Toyota? (02:58)

Viewers hear commentary about why the Toyota tragedy happened, and what Toyota plans to do differently in the future. The Toyota story is now at a crucial turning point.

Credits: Total Recall: Toyota’s Accelerated Nightmare (00:28)

Credits: Total Recall: Toyota’s Accelerated Nightmare

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Often cited as a blueprint for 21st-century manufacturing, Toyota has nevertheless struggled with the balancing act between growth and quality control. Did it, in fact, lose sight of its core mission as it expanded? Or did the company simply get a bad break? Filmed in Japan, the U.S., and the U.K., this program reveals the inside story of Toyota’s 2009–2011 recalls, which it issued after defects appeared in the floor mats and accelerator pedals of various models. The investigation features interviews with Japanese car-industry leaders, including one of the key Toyota executives at the center of the storm, as well as with Interbrand CEO Jez Frampton, Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, and victims of the alleged “sudden unintended acceleration” flaw. A BBC Production. (52 minutes)

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