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Credits: All That Debt: The Faith We Confess (00:44)


Credits: All That Debt: The Faith We Confess

Sin (03:03)

The Creed speaks of the forgiveness of sins. If forgiveness requires the Son's death, sin is a deep problem. Sin is a state of being and rebellion, not an individual act.

Remedy for Sin (01:28)

We are so enslaved in sin's power that the Son of God had to go to the cross to free us.

Meaning of Forgiveness (03:23)

Christ's death frees us from every aspect of sin, so the Bible gives us multiple ways of understanding its significance.

Justification (02:11)

Sin is a debt we cannot pay off. Forgiveness is already there, but we must respond to bring about justification, right standing with God, though we continue struggling with it on earth.

Sanctification (01:55)

Paul says if Christ is in you, your spirit is alive, but your body is dead. Before accepting Christ, you built your whole being on sin; most of it is still there. You begin a process of sanctification.

Salvation and Sanctification (02:58)

An assurance of salvation is the assurance of your living by the spirit. Christ's grace provides justification, which leads us to sanctification, which is the goal of salvation.

Perfection as Goal (01:52)

God wants us to come to a point in this life that we do not yield to sin. Before what Wesley called "entire sanctification," we waffle; afterwards, we are fully committed to obey God.

Glorification (01:49)

We can only achieve glorification, the full image of Christ in Heaven; thus the Lord's Prayer asks for forgiveness of sin. The Holy Spirit brings us back where we belong.

Balancing Forgiveness and Demands (02:52)

We need a balance, recognizing we are sinners but while also recognizing Jesus' demands. Deeds aren't the problem; forgiveness is to make us into the kind of person who will not do them.

Death and Purification (01:13)

Death finishes the purification process, Reformers recognized; they rejected any post-mortem purification period. The Gospel offers answers to the deepest human needs by offering us a changed nature.

Hymn (01:56)

A hymn on sin and forgiveness.

Resurrection of the Body (01:19)

We believe we are risen with Christ even in this life, but there is a resurrection of the body to come. There is a greater hope than this life.

Jesus and Resurrection (01:03)

Jesus said "I am the Resurrection and the Life." Jesus' resurrection verifies His claim. Faith in Christ allows us to share in His resurrection.

Idea of Resurrection (01:23)

Originating in Jewish expectations about the restored Kingdom, bodily resurrection contrasts with belief in immortality of the soul or belief that you are absorbed into something greater.

Flaws in Popular Concept of Resurrection (02:32)

Most Christians think of resurrection as the soul departing the body to be with Jesus in Heaven, but Christian hope is based on the resurrection of the body.

Process of Resurrection (02:19)

We will be restored to embodied existence in a renewed Creation; we will be without physical defects. Paul speaks of a spiritual body.

Resurrection Modeled on Christ (02:05)

Our resurrection will be modeled on Christ's. Jesus rose as a physical body, but not limited by matter in the way we were. Resurrection will consummate our creation.

Hymn - Eternity (01:59)

This hymn is about Jesus taking us into eternity. Romans 8 says death will not separate us from God. Death is our embrace by God.

Living Forever in Time (01:39)

A scholar talks about the futility of life ending in death. We will help God look after renewed Creation; we will not be in an eternity without space and time, but one where matter is not subject to decay, a thinker believes.

Relationship With God (01:42)

Everlasting life is a new level of existence in God's presence. Eternity is not subject to time, a theologian thinks. Relationship, not duration, is important.

Everlasting Life and Our Current Lives (01:04)

Life everlasting can begin right now, in a sense, a scholar believes. We must be forgiven; forgiveness must be worked out through a life of faith, and sealed by resurrection.

Hymn - Resurrection (01:04)

This hymn is about looking forward to resurrection.

Credits: All That Debt: The Faith We Confess (00:43)

Credits: All That Debt: The Faith We Confess

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The Apostles’ Creed ends with an affirmation of belief in the redemptive nature of Christianity. Forgiveness, sin, and “life everlasting” according to Christian doctrine are the focus of this program as theologians shed light on concepts that are often misunderstood. Framing sin in terms of disobedience, the discussion presents a more nuanced view of the concept; examines redemption imagery in the New Testament; looks at the notion of eternity; and points out that resurrection is not about the survival or immortality of a disembodied soul, but of a unified whole of body and soul—a physical restoration in a “new creation.” Part of the series The Faith We Confess. (44 minutes)

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