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Credits: The Breath of God: The Faith We Confess (00:56)


Credits: The Breath of God: The Faith We Confess

Holy Spirit (02:37)

The Apostle's Creed implies the Holy Ghost is God, without explanation. Christians wanted to maintain monotheism while proclaiming Jesus' divinity; the Spirit explains Jesus' continued involvement.

Biblical Treatment of Spirit (02:12)

The Greek and Hebrew words for spirit and ghost are the same. Scholars discuss images representing the Spirit in the Bible. The Spirit inspired the Bible and connects God's future purposes to the present.

Spirits Tasks Continuing Jesus' Work (02:25)

Jesus tells the disciples He must ascend to Heaven so the Spirit of Truth and the Comforter may come. Jesus' Spirit is still with us, assuring us of God's love.

Spirit and Jesus (02:34)

The Spirit is closely identified with Jesus. The Spirit makes Christ present among us awakens us to our need for God and allowing us to know Christ personally.

Making Us Holy (03:10)

The Spirit regenerates a person who responds. The Spirit unites the Father and Son, and unites us to each, creating with in us the character of Christ.

Changes in People (01:22)

The Spirit allows Christians to live as brothers and sisters; change in a person requires grace and the Holy Spirit's work.

Miracles (01:51)

Scholars talk about the Spirit's relation to miracles, including those He allowed the early church to perform, and the strength He gave it to overcome obstacles.

Gifts (02:10)

We consider gifts the Spirit grants people, to equip them for tasks. These range from the seemingly supernatural to the seemingly mundane.

Spirit in Old and New Testaments (01:29)

The Holy Spirit even in the Old Testament is the active presence of God, giving God's power to a person with an important task. In the New Testament, He becomes the reality of the entire unity of God's people.

Misplaced Pride and Spirit's Gifts (02:10)

The church struggled with people taking pride in the Spirit's gifts. Paul warned against this in 1 Corinthians 12.

Breathing the Spirit (02:02)

The Holy Spirit brings life- without God's presence, we are dead. In Genesis, God breathed life into Adam. In the Gospels, Jesus breathes the Spirit into His followers.

Hymn About Holy Ghost (01:29)

A church leader discusses a hymn about the Holy Ghost lighting our souls with fire. We listen to the hymn.

Holy Ghost and Church (01:25)

The Creed affirms the holy catholic Church immediately after the Holy Ghost. The Spirit creates the church, which began at Pentecost.

What the Church Is (02:41)

Scholars discuss what the church is- most definitions emphasize that it is made up of people. We cease to be isolated individuals- Scripture does not support individual Christianity; we need mutual love.

Community for God (03:15)

From the time of Adam, continuing with Noah and Abraham, God sought to create a people for Himself; the Church is such a community. Its tasks include evangelism and, primarily, worship.

Holy Catholic Church (03:17)

How can the church, with all its faults, be holy? In the Old Testament, holy means set apart for a sacred purpose.

Holiness Considered Further (02:30)

The church is holy because Christ is its head, not for the people in it. The church is both Christ's presence and a community of sinners.

Holiness and Worldliness (01:07)

The church is tempted to be relevant and common at the expense of holiness. The opposite danger is becoming judgmental; the church should instead mirror God's nature to the world.

Church as Catholic (01:58)

The word catholic (distinguished from Roman Catholic), meaning universal, indicates there is one church composed of all Christians. There is unity we cannot see, which we struggle for.

Unity Across Cultures (02:03)

The church transcends cultures. Believers in the creed commit themselves to treat others in a Christ-like way, within their finite context; to be the presence of the Holy Catholic Church..

Hymns (02:44)

We listen to hymns that emphasize the church as one.

Communion of Saints (02:12)

Scholars interpret the phrase "communion of saints." Christians saw history as starting over with Christ; they were all in communion together, regardless of external differences.

Breadth of Vision (01:55)

The "communion of saints" broadens our thinking beyond the visible church, to the long-standing community of Christians from the Apostles.

Definition of Saint (03:17)

Despite some traditions designating a canon of saints and praying to saints, saints are not "elite Christians." All believers are saints, we can tell from Biblical context.

Separated From World (01:24)

Belief in the communion of saints means Christians are called out of the world to join under God. They are not inherently holy, but nonetheless set apart.

Looking to Future (01:31)

We are torn between sin and desire for God, forgiven but still sinners. Belief in communion of saints means belief in the day when Christians gather together in the Kingdom of God.

Credits: The Breath of God: The Faith We Confess (01:20)

Credits: The Breath of God: The Faith We Confess

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The term “Holy Spirit” or even “Holy Ghost” was more easily grasped by Christian celebrants when the Apostles’ Creed was first written. This program helps clarify the concept of the Holy Spirit and how the third person of the Trinity might be experienced by believers today. With input from Christian theologians, the video discusses the Holy Spirit in relation to Jesus and God; the Holy Spirit as a link between the human and the divine; what it means to be holy; the charismata, or gifts of the Holy Spirit, and “pneuma,” “paraclete,” and “koinonia”; and how the idea of the Holy Spirit can play out in ecclesiastical communities and in human lives. Part of the series The Faith We Confess. (59 minutes)

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